Mark Flowers

Mark Flowers passed away Sunday morning, March 15, 2020. 

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Mark is survived by his mother and stepfather, Barb and Joe Symbulski; his father, Michael Flowers; his brother, Joe Flowers (Laura); his niece, Chloe; nephew, Max; and niece, Sydney. 

Mark was born in Cleveland, Ohio, grew up in Mulvane and spent his adult life living in Winfield. 

Mark knew from an early age that he was going to be a mechanic. He graduated from Cowley College with a degree in aircraft mechanics. He worked at GE as an A+P mechanic for more than 20 years and loved every minute. 

Mark also loved old cars and trucks. He was a devoted brother of the Deadbeats Car Club out of Detroit, Michigan. He loved going to their car shows and hanging out with all of the other members. I can't remember him ever missing the opportunity to go to Detroit for their shows. 

Mark loved the outdoors and going out to the Flint Hills to go bass fishing. He thought he could out-fish anyone. Often times Mark gave off an image of someone you didn't want to mess with. The reality is he had the biggest heart out of anyone I've ever known. He stuck up for his friends and family, for me more times than I can count, and never thought twice about it. 

He also had  a stubborn side unlike anyone I've ever met. Any of you who have ever had the pleasure of arguing with Mark know exactly what I mean. 

In summary, Mark was a beautiful person who cared deeply about those who were lucky enough to be called friends and family. He was taken from us all too soon, and he will be missed by many. RIP, Mark.

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