Susan Wagle, candidate for U.S. Senate, recently spoke in Winfield about how she has saved Kansas as a problem solver. Wagle is part of the old party-line voters who knows little about what is good for south-central rural Kansans. Does Wagle represent a narrow group that serves very few people or the greater population? Her agenda against hospitals and schools does not support our south-central economy.



Wagle has consistently voted against expanding Medicaid. We have already paid for this Medicaid money through our federal taxes, but our hard-earned money is going to the other states who have expanded. Kansas is one of only 14 states that has not approved Medicaid to help our rural hospitals. Do we want another hospital like Sumner Regional Medical Center in Wellington to be closed or downsized to be run by an outside company?



The 2017 Kansas Supreme Court decision to fund schools at a proper level has put Wagle and the tea party representatives on the defense. We need to continue to provide resources to support quality educators, student achievement, health and safety, and access to rigorous and advanced courses. Each of our rural communities is unique and demands a few priorities like high speed internet as well as current teaching technologies.

Kansas is leading the nation and on the right track now by electing Governor Kelly. She is sensible and working with people from both parties. We need to move forward together and examine our values about saving our communities.

Working families, local farmers, and ranchers who love living in and near small towns need to learn the facts. Good schools and hospitals are the strengths of our communities. Reject party politics; if you love living in and near Arkansas City, Winfield, Oxford, Wellington and all of our small towns, keep them vibrant. If schools and hospitals are a priority, find another candidate than Wagle. I don’t believe she is right for the U.S. Senate.


Dr. Joan Warren


former Cowley College administrator

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