In the Public Forum of the May 29 issue of the CourierTraveler titled “Medicaid expansion could cost taxpayers,” Senator Larry Alley stated, “I believe it is important to correct the record.” I was one of the three members of the local hospital management in Arkansas City that met with you for 90 minutes. After hearing you say, “What if…” and “I will answer any other question” when asked something you didn’t like, was somewhat frustrating. I was willing to overlook all that, but when you reply that you want to set the record straight with misinformation, I am obligated to respond.

We clearly discussed CowleyWorx, the Direct Primary Care Clinic that was associated with SCKMC that you claimed to work closely with the previous hospital management in setting up. During our 90-minute meeting, I informed you that the program was set up illegally and violated all the hospital’s commercial insurance contracts. Your response was, “I don’t care that it was illegal, it was a good model!” The three members of the administrative team decided that you must have misspoken as we felt confident that you did in fact care about things being illegal, so we let that go.

You cannot “correct the record” when you make a statement such as, “Unfortunately, management changed, and the decision was made to abandon the program.” This statement is not an accurate reflection of the facts. The management did change, but the decision was to abandon an ILLEGAL program that you take credit for helping to set up.


Jeffrey R. Bowman

CEO, South Central Kansas Regional Medical Center

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