Cowley County Community College is an education institution created by the State of Kansas to primarily provide education opportunities for the citizens of Cowley, Sumner, and Chautauqua counties. Taxpayers in Cowley and Sumner counties provide over $6,000,000 per year to support this institution in its mission to educate our citizens.

Per college reports, $1,046,899 was expended  by the college in Fall 2019 for scholarships. A breakdown of that expense follows.

In District (Cowley, Sumner, Chautauqua)$193,409

In Kansas $295,149

Oklahoma $130,166

In USA, outside Kansas $155,830                           

International $272,341

Total $1,046,899

Why are significantly more of our taxes being used to provide scholarship support for foreign students than are being provided as support for the students from our District?

I am concerned that our potential local students are being denied opportunities when too much scholarship funding is being used to bring in scholarship students from Europe and South America to play soccer, basketball, and other sports. While it is nice to have winning sports teams, it is an abuse of our taxes to build those teams with foreign players while reducing opportunities for local students.

I also recently found information on the current makeup of the foreign student population. Of the 93 foreign students, 76 are on athletic scholarships, eating up our tax monies and reducing scholarship possibilities for our local students. 


Michael A. Bergagnini


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100% agree in this! Its all about winning and filling dorms without using local individuals. Newer coaches are recruiting outside of the states all in the name of winning. That's not why I pay so much in tax dollars. Im.sure many nearby students would be happy to be an athlete or student for Cowley.


As Mike mentions, scholarship expenses are a lot of money. There are many grateful international students who provide cultural diversity to the student body. Is it worth the price? That is hard to measure.

I know there are CC students from Brazil and Japan, and Europe that would otherwise not be here. I am unaware of any residents of Cowley county from these places. I wish more of the community could be part of their story here to learn about other cultures.


I went to a couple basketball games last year and was amazed at the amount of cheerleaders and dance team members. Do we really need that many!? There was enough to circle the whole court

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