A week ago I attended S and Y’s 35th anniversary celebration of their beginnings back in 1984. Back then, Sandy Foust, the owner, began her business on her back porch in Atlanta, Kansas. The celebration was held at their current plant in the Winfield Industrial Park. It was a fun and well attended event at their now very large facility, some 50 or 60 thousand square feet.

In discussing the origins of her business with Sandy, she revealed to me how working with Mrs. Olive Ann Beech of Beechcraft had been the incentive to launch out with her own business. She said that as she would walk into the office of Mrs. Beech, she thought this is what she’d like to do — have her own business and her own office.

So the idea had come and she set out to do it! She said she “sent off for a book” on how to make printed (electronic) boards which she read and then began making them on her back porch in Atlanta. Dan, her son, and John, also her son, acknowledged that Dan was tasked to help by “stamping out boards in the barn.”

The anniversary celebraton was quite a friendly atmosphere, as her staff began to take groups of us through the plant explaining the various section of the process to us. It was really interesting as we moved and watched a board’s automated construction and the multiple computerized testing and hand testing processes for each board all the way through to the packaging and shipping section.

In further conversations with Sandy, she laughingly explained, yet with serious intent, how Gary, her husband, had not only laid all of the floor tile but also cleaned it because she, “couldn’t trust anyone else.”

It was a real marvel and great experience for me and those who attended to see what Sandy has and is accomplishing with her business. She is quite the lady and business woman. I can assure you, as reported in the Oct. 24 CourierTraveler, that S and Y is still growing and still proud.


Colonel George M. “Mike” Lind

United States Army, Retired

Arkansas City

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