If these Republicans and people who support Trump think he wouldn’t do what he is accused of in this Ukraine trial, where were they when he paid a $25 million fine for his fraudulent Trump Real Estate University, where he cheated a lot of people out of their life savings?

Where were they when he lied about Mexico paying for his grand wall or when he lied about releasing his tax returns, or lied about writing a check for $30,000 to pay off a porn star? Or worst of all, taking children away from their parents at the border? Trump even stole money from his own charity to pay some of his legal bill!

And you think he wouldn’t try to cheat to get reelected? What kind of fool would you have to be to not believe that?

The state of New York is just waiting for him to get out of office to pounce on him for all of his past corruption, fraud, etc. Over 16,000 documented lies, and they’re still following him!

Don’t follow him too close ’cause it may be hotter than hell where his lies are headed!


Leo Karlin


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