I am writing this editorial in hopes that more citizens of Cowley County will come out and support the students/athletes of Southwestern College.

I have to admit that I have not supported them like I should have, as part of the SC alumni family, until this fall.

I have become acquainted with members of the SC football team and their coaches. There are 140 football players. They currently have a 2-2 record.

The women’s soccer team is currently 7-1-1 and is leading the nation in goals. They are coached by Winfield High School and SC graduate Joe Wood.

The men’s soccer team consists of 60 players with a current record of 6-2. Both teams play at Jantz Stadium and are exciting to watch.

The women’s volleyball team has a record of 13-5 which is an all-time record number of wins. They play their matches in Stewart Field House.

The cross country team is a successful, hard-working team. I see them training daily running through the neighborhood and around the SC campus.

The men and women’s golf team is hosting a golf tournament on Monday and Tuesday at Quail Ridge.

You can attend the soccer games, volleyball matches, golf tournament and cross country events for free. The CourierTraveler has a game schedule on the sports page every day.

According to the sports department of the current 620 students at Southwestern College, 500 are student athletes. All students receive partial scholarships.

I have become acquainted with many of the student/athletes and some of their families. The student really like Winfield and SC, so let’s try to make them feel like they are being supported.


Sandee McDade


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