As a former resident of Winfield, I am outraged and embarrassed that one of the first things I see when approaching from the west is a confederate flag (sorry it doesn’t deserve to be capitalized).

This symbol of racism and hatred should not be the introduction to the city for thousands of others entering the city. This may be some misguided attempt by the property owners, but it speaks of racism.

Surely the good citizens of Winfield don’t appreciate this flag serving as a welcome mat to Winfield. Take it down.


Tom Sweeney

Bel Aire

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Perry Morton

Those of us that have a Tennessee battle flag do not see it as racist. It is history and memory of men who fought the deadliest war in U.S. history. I'm sorry you see it as racism. It's sad that you can't see the heritage behind it.


Most of the kids these days fly the flag so people think they r rebellious Jt hey have right hmmm dk

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