Since the last week of February, I have watched TV news reports and listened to radio news reports regarding the current administration’s and the President’s response, as well as medical disease and disaster experts, concerning the coronavirus situation. My perception is the President has down played the potential seriousness of the situation and has made statements to the effect he is smarter than the medical experts about the coronavirus. Additionally, the President has appointed Vice-President Pence to clear any statement from the executive branch (including the Center for Disease Control) regarding the coronavirus situation. That I perceive is a filter to attempt to make such communications administration friendly as opposed to transparent (and maybe even accurate).

It has been reported some government officials/employees, including those in the CDC, have been reluctant to speak about the coronavirus situation because their statements would conflict with or contradict statements from the President, and the individuals do not want themselves or their organization to incur his wrath and retribution.

My perception is the President’s primary interest is in managing the coronavirus situation so that it does not negatively impact his re-election campaign and not what may be best for keeping the public informed or effectively managing a response to the situation. 

I see the President as more concerned about his re-election than he is about my children’s health, my grandchildren’s health, my neighbor’s health, your health, your parent’s and grandparent’s health, your children’s and grandchildren’s health or your neighbor’s health. I, for one, do not want that type of person to reside in the White House past January, 2021. If you do, I would ask WHY? 


Don Brewer 


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Thanks for your letter, Don. Apparently President Trump has been made aware to the power of "speaking the truth". Dr. Fauci's truth-speaking has made it too dangerous for the president to continue his attemps to muzzle him.

Larry Hahn


Who cares, the blame game is a waste of time.

Bottom line: cut negative emotions, stop playing the politics game - use your energy to avoid infection, survive.


It's not blaming to hold people accountable for the things under their sphere of responsibility and influence.

I'm not strongly political and I was disappointed to hear President Trump say he takes no responsibility at all for the government's response.

I've had managers and supervisors all my life and when things got bad, the best ones said, even if they might not have fully believed it, "I take full responsibility."

I would have had much more confidence in the President (and more respect for him) if he would have said that. He has prided himself on controlling people and situations, but suddenly he has no control over government programs and actions? It seems to me this virus is uncovering a lot of truths about private citizens as well as government officials.

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