Thank you for the information about Ben Quinton, CEO of William Newton Hospital.

Some additional material would be helpful to get the full picture.

His base salary was reported as $300,000 but this figure was from a two year old contract.

Why was the current figure not included?

Without figures for the total of Quinton’s other compensation, for example KPERS insurance, a bonus, sick leave and health insurance, travel, car, dues etc

A complete picture of his income is not possible and comparisons with other CEOs in Coffeyville, Labette Country and El Dorado can not be attained. We are left to assume that Quinton is paid more than the other CEOs in the “extra compensation” category as he is in base salary.

 In the light of a very, very large base salary and all the “extras” how does the hospital board view his performance? Tom Herlocker says “the board believes Quinton is doing a good job.” Only good!?

Well after all, he only works 11 months a year.

Meanwhile, how many of his 325 employees earns a living wage of $15?


Don Anderson


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