I just don’t understand it, how can it be November already? How is it possible for this year to be almost over? Have the days become shorter? Is the clock ticking faster? Where did all the days, weeks, and months of 2019 go? 

Somewhere in the cosmos, something drastic has taken place. Perhaps an asteroid hit and damaged the celestial timepiece. The years just shouldn’t be going by this fast. 

Every day, every month, every year seems to rush by with blinding speed. Wasn’t it just last year that I turned 30? How in the world did I get to age 65 so fast? In five years I will be 70 years old. That just can’t be!

When I was a child, I know for a fact that time passed slower. During the cold, bleak school year, the weeks seemed to crawl by. While the weekends would somehow speed up, and summer days went by faster than school days, the years still seemed to pass by slowly.

November and December were always the longest and slowest months of the year. Each week seemed three weeks long. My brother, sisters and I would count down the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it seemed the calendar was hardly moving at all. 

When Christmas Eve finally arrived, every clock around the world suddenly went into slow motion. Perhaps this was nature’s way of giving Santa more time to make his deliveries. He does have an impossible amount of territory to cover in just one night. 

But for my siblings and I, the anticipation of the treasures we would unwrap Christmas morning made sleep impossible. It was always a long and agonizing night. 

We wanted to get at those presents, but my dad was a real scrooge. He would never allow Christmas gift unwrapping to begin before 7 a.m. That didn’t stop us from sneaking to the tree to examine the boxes that Santa had left. 

Fifty years later, something has changed in the time and space continuum. I can feel it, but I can’t explain it or prove it. I am almost positive that I just took my Christmas decorations down a couple of months ago. How can it be almost time to put them up again? 

On Christmas Eve, it once took forever for morning to arrive. But now it seems I barely crawl under the covers and then I am being awakened to go unwrap gifts. 

With the way the months fly by, I don’t know how Santa manages to get his work done on time. I bet he has to outsource some of the toy manufacturing or gift-wrapping. He might even be ordering some of the gifts online.

Santa has to travel to every house in the world on Christmas Eve. I have no idea how that can be possible because the night goes by so fast. Perhaps he contracts with other delivery services. 

I guess not. I can’t visualize a Fed-Ex or UPS employee being able to get down my chimney. They’d just leave everything on the porch.

Each year my family and I spend an entire day putting up our decorations. Because of the amount of work involved, we usually start that project in November. We always turn our lights on Thanksgiving night and we let them shine until Jan. 5.

 It’s so much work that I have been tempted to just leave them up. But then they wouldn’t be as special. It would also be hard to mow around them in the summer.

I can’t explain it, but somehow the six weeks between the time our decorations go up until we take them down always seems about two weeks long. I no sooner put the storage boxes in the attic, until I am bringing them back out again. 

For more than 30 years I have taken on the task of putting up the outside decorations by myself.  But now that I am 65, and restaurants insist on calling me a senior citizen, I am glad to have my son’s help. I hate to admit it, but one of these years he’ll probably have to take over the entire decoration project.  

Time continues to march relentlessly on. I think Father Time needs to take it easy. Stop and smell the roses. Get some coffee and a donut. Just slow down a bit. 

He’s pretty spry for an old geezer, and he’s moving way too fast. I can’t keep up.


CourierTraveler reporter John Shelman can be contacted at (620) 442-4200 or reporter@ctnewsonline.com.

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