As we journeyed to the beautiful city of Atlanta, Kansas, we visited and looked at the fields on our right and left. It was definitely a farming community.

We are the ladies from the Praise Cathedral Church of God, and once again we are on our adventure to visit one of the five restaurants on our list. We read the advertisement of the places that would give us a chance to have our name drawn for a prize. So we decided that it was a reason to get together and have some fun.

We have been to Grouse Valley in Dexter, The Solid Rock in Rock and now the Red Rooster restaurant in Atlanta. Not to worry, Burden and Udall are on our agenda, too, and we will make our grand entry soon.

Those able to attend this last Saturday were June Frazier, Stella Venn, Jessie Mitchell and Pastor Lynn Merritt. On our return route (we had roadwork on Highway 160, so we went home a different route), we saw a sign that there was a landmark bridge and we commented that it would be interesting to take a tour of the bridges of Cowley County. Don't be surprised if that happens in the near future. We will definitely give you an update when that takes place.

Our food of choice at the Red Rooster was not chicken, but hamburgers and BLTs. The tater tots and French fries hit the spot and added just enough extra with our meal that we had no room for dessert.

The environment was friendly, and the pictures hanging on the wall from past events made us feel like we had always been a part of this place. When noon came, the tables filled up fast, and the locals made their way to the central stage for eating. It seemed that everyone knew everyone. Guess that is the normal activity for rural Kansas.

lf we grow it, we also need a place where we can dine together and enjoy the many stories that make us family. Thanks for the welcome we received, and thanks for sharing a part of your history with us. We are truly blessed by the sacrificial labor of the farmers. And thanks to you, the reader, for sharing our latest venture.

Pastor Lynn Merritt,


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