We're proud of Republican Sen. Jerry Moran, who this week rightly condemned a tweet by President Donald Trump.

President Trump, as you've probably read, had told four Democratic congresswomen of color to "go back" to their own countries.

Sen. Moran responded to a question about the tweet during a town hall discussion in Louisburg on Monday.

"My view is that the congresswomen who the president referred to are American citizens; they are elected officials," Moran reportedly told the 50 or so people gathered at Louisburg City Hall. "It is inappropriate to suggest they go home to any place. They are home."

Moran also said that while he disagrees with the congresswomen on policy, he sees no reason for personal attacks.

We applaud him for sharing this classy, sensible point of view. He is the only member of the Kansas delegation who has spoken out so far.

We know that the word "racist" is especially charged these days. But that's what President Trump's tweet was.

Of the four congresswomen to whom he was referring, only one (Ilhan Omar of Minnesota) was born outside the United States. They are citizens, and that means they belong here. If you're implying otherwise about a group of non-white people, then what are you really getting at? And what does it say when a president indicates that some people are less American because of their immigrant ancestors?

The House this week voted to condemn the tweet as racist. We're disappointed that the vote count fell almost exactly along party lines. Perhaps some Republicans didn't agree with the tweet and just didn't agree with the resolution. The discussion about the measure reportedly devolved into a pretty big spectacle before it came to a vote.

We think more people should have followed Sen. Moran's lead, understanding that this is not an issue of differing politics, but one of professionalism and good old-fashioned etiquette. We're proud that Moran is showing people that this is what Kansas represents.

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