The number of accusations of sexual exploitation are growing against Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate in Alabama.

Leaders of his party on Capitol Hill are calling for Moore to step aside.

Yet the accusations against Moore, albeit unproven, are not so severe as those against presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Moore denies he did anything wrong.

Trump, now our president, bragged about what he allegedly did.

Something is wrong here.

Does getting elected to high office wash away the stain of sexual abuse or harassment?

Ask any woman involved in the “#metoo” movement.

The answer is sure to be a resounding “No.”

We understand Bill Clinton’s behavior was also offensive, and that his victory over impeachment was political.

But the idea that winning a vote of the people nullifies serious accusations of sexual misconduct is morally bankrupt.

It puts political savvy, money and luck ahead of right and wrong.

It allows individuals with few, if any, moral standards to lead our country.

Yes, men let their hormones get out of hand when they are young. We should be careful not to condemn every man — or woman — who makes sexual missteps in their youth.

But what Donald Trump and perhaps Roy Moore are getting away with damages the moral strength of our country and should not be accepted.

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