I’ve been in this small town now for five years. I’ve never been hungry, thirsty or lost. I’ve watched people come together to help each other in ways that amaze me.  

From the meal ministry, to the clothing ministry, the folks that help folks get homes and get off the streets, I have to say, Ark City, you make me proud, the way you show your heart.

I love this little town. I see so much negativity, though, it’s time to put some positivity out there. You have to understand a little about me. I’m not the kind of person who is smiling all the time, because that would be fake and meaningless. I am the kind of person who doesn’t care if the glass is half empty or half full, but I’m certainly thankful for the glass. We live in a world of division and troubles, but we don’t have to keep it that way. We should go out of our way to encourage, lend a hand or even a sincere smile when possible. We’re not always going to have good days, but we shouldn’t make someone else’s day worse.  

Perhaps, another way to look at would be, what do I not have to be thankful for? Things could be so much worse. We could live in a town where everyone ignored one another, everyday. No one helped each other or cared at all. Everyone was in such isolation that no one knew that someone else needed help. In my eyes, that would be a very bad place to be.  

With that being said, maybe we should focus more on helping one another, even in small ways. Holding a door open, opening the door in the first place, letting the guy in line who has one item go ahead of you in the store, bringing in the grocery cart from the parking lot, or helping someone navigate stairs that are in obvious need of assistance. We can all do better. One thing I love about this city is that we have heart. Let’s do this Ark City, let’s be an example of having heart. #myarkcity.


Myndi Chinn

Arkansas City

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