Are these the type people who support and voted for Trump. This lady, that was waiting in line to attend a Trump rally was ask by the news media about what she thought about the Corona virus, and I had a hard time believing what I had heard. She said on national TV, “What Corona virus? That’s just a hoax by the Democrats to make Trump look bad.” Are these people that support Trump that ignorant or duped by Trump?

Some day these people will realize that Trump is a lying, arrogant, self-serving, would be dictator the world has ever seen. They should be praying for him instead of cheering him on. He’s not going  to lie his way through those golden gates. They should listen to something other than Fox news, cause Fox news has never said anything about Trump’s over 16,000 lies or ever admit he’s done anything wrong. It’s been said, everything that Trump touches dies. 


Leo Karlin 


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