On Dec. 24 the Cowley CourierTraveler posted an editorial submitted by another local Cowley resident entitled “Do presidents lie.” In the editorial the submitter listed five falsehoods that our previous President Obama told in his eight years in office. He should not have told even a single one lie, but he did. The submitter also ask fellow readers, Trump haters, to list some of the lies that Trump has told. The Washington Post has compiled a list of 15,000 false or misleading claims that Trump has made in the first three years of his office. Trump supporters can shout fake news and condemn coastal elites to discredit this compilation of mistruths, but Trump lies, a lot. 15,000 is a huge number. 15,000 in three years, it is a record.  

In response to the Dec. 24 submittor request “Please list some of them” (Trump lies), I would like to offer just six.

1. My inaugural crowd size was the largest in history. 01-21-2017 his second day in office.

2. “I’ll produce my tax returns, absolutely.” 05-20-2014 and numerous times since.

3. I will build a wall along the Mexico border. Mexico will pay for it. 06-16-2015. No new wall, where existing previous wall barrier did not already exist, has been built to date.

4. Trade tariffs will be paid by China. 01-24-2018. The hard truth, tariffs are paid for by consumers of imported goods, all of us.

5. Trump lies about his wealth. Sometimes over exaggerating it and sometimes under estimating it. Forever, as his taxes would show.

6. The presidential oath of office. “I do solemly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President and to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” His first lie as President and his most agregious. 01-20-2017.

For those that live out in the country, or in an alternative universe, our Winfield Public Library librarian will be glad to help you find today’s edition of Meet The Press Daily on line, dated 12-29-2019, entitled “Alternative Facts” an hour long presentation about falsehoods.  


Stephen Campbell


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In the name of truthfulness, there has been some new wall erected at our southern border. Just a few panels so far, I think they are hoping for 3 miles in the next few months.

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