A Public Forum letter in Tuesday’s CT is headlined “Do presidents lie?” The writer says, “Trump haters keep saying that ‘He lies.’ Please list some of them — I missed hearing any.”

I suppose the writer listens only to one particular “news” channel, and thus is unaware of the current occupant’s congenital mendacity. This POTUS is unable to utter two sentences without yelling a jaw-dropping whopper. All previous presidents pale in comparison when it comes to giving truth a brutal beating. He lies about things big and important; he lies about things small and trivial. Some fact-checking organizations have been keeping score, and have counted prevarications numbering in the thousands. I will accept the writer’s invitation to list some lies. But I have no intention of investing the time and effort required to compile an extensive list. I’ll keep it down to three.

For eight years Mr. Trump was the Birther-in-chief. Obama wasn’t a real American, like us. He was an imposter, born in Kenya. Then Trump decided to run for president, and made a public announcement: Barack Obama is an American, born in the United States. Reporters wanted to ask him about this 180º change, but he wasn’t taking any questions. So he was lying about Obama not being an American, or he was lying in saying that he is. You can’t have it both ways.

So Trump came down the escalator and made the announcement that he was running for president. And he warned us about Mexicans coming to the United States. “They’re rapists, they’re criminals, and some of them, I assume, are good people.” Really? Is anybody fool enough to believe that most of the people coming to the United States from ANY country are rapists and criminals? Please.

More recently Trump proclaimed to his followers that El Paso was one of the most dangerous cities in the country. (All those dreadful Mexicans, don’t you know?) But a look at crime statistics will show you that its low murder rate makes it one of the least dangerous.

Some Americans, maybe even most of us, have paid enough attention to what this man says and tweets to see him for what he is. We have not been brainwashed by “the mainstream media” twisting his words. We have heard and read what comes out of his mouth and his Twitter account. The truth is not in him.


Steve Jelf


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Nicely stated.

However, I would have started with the inauguration. Fox News reported "Trump is wrong." about the crowd size. Trump even bragged that the rain stopped when he began his inaugural speech and "then it became really sunny". Those attending didn't see any sunshine.

Speaking of weather, Trump's report that a hurricane was headed for Alabama was quickly denied by NOAA. Of course, our "perfect" president even doubled down by presenting a doctored map of the predicted route of the hurricane.

His deceitfulness is exceeded only by his hubris.

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