Maybe Mike Pompeo should be paying a little more attention to what he calls the “Democrat impeachment hearings.”

The testimony of Gordon Sondland at those hearings brought Pompeo right “into the loop” of a broad political conspiracy to force Ukraine to announce an investigation of the Bidens.

All this derives from Pompeo’s abject loyalty to President Donald Trump.

That loyalty has been Pompeo’s strength as Secretary of State, but at the same time it is his greatest weakness in that job.

Pompeo’s closeness to Trump at first buoyed up State Department employees. But those employees are crestfallen after Pompeo failed — no doubt out of loyalty to Trump — to defend Ambassador Maria Yvanovich from the smear campaign aimed at her by Rudy Guliani.

Let’s give Pompeo the benefit of the doubt. He may have tried to talk Trump and others out of  that smear campaign and failed.

Observers in Washington say Pompeo has reservations about Trump’s extreme blunders in foreign policy and has a policy of trying three times to talk the president out of committing them and then, if he cannot, giving up.

We want to see Mike Pompeo succeed as Secretary of State. He is caught between his loyalty to Trump and the expectations that go with being a good secretary.

Our advice is that he overcome any partisan blindness he has about the impeachment process and live up to that expectation, and indeed his oath to uphold the United States Constitution.  

If President Trump doesn’t like it, Pompeo can always come home and run for the Senate.

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