Here we go again. If you just paid this year’s property taxes, you may have noticed that Winfield’s already business and population stifling tax levy of 28,558,420.20 mills just went up to 29,776,101.76 mills, an increase of 1,217, 681.56 mills in just one year, or an increase of 4.26 percent. Is it ever going to stop? Wonder why new businesses decide not to move here, why more and more local businesses have gone out of business, and why our population continues to decrease?

In spite of these facts, our school board is proposing yet another bond issue and hiring an outside firm to sell us on the idea, counting on the fact that those who pay little or no property taxes will just go along with whatever is proposed, and many others will just keep silent.

Drive around town and notice how many homes need paint or are in disrepair. Some of these homeowners could certainly use some of this extra property tax money they now pay to fix up their properties.  

One of the most fundamental rule of economics is still: “Whatever we tax, we will have proportionally less of.”  With every increase in taxes, a little more freedom is lost.


Grayce Abel


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Great points. I don't understand how this system is sustainable with all the poverty and blight too.

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