Snyder Medical Foundation donates to WNH

Representatives of the H.L. Snyder Medical Foundation give a check of $10,895.92 to representatives of William Newton Healthcare Foundation and William Newton Hospital. The donation benefits the purchase of two surgical eye trays for the WNH surgical center.  (Special to the Courier)

The H.L. Snyder Medical Foundation recently donated two surgical eye trays, each valued at $5,447.96 for a total contribution of $10,895.92, to the William Newton Hospital Surgical Center.

One eye tray is used for each cataract patient. After the use of the eye tray, it must be sterilized before the next use. The purchase of this equipment allows for procedures to be done more efficiently.

“This added equipment allows us to deliver more focused care to our patients," said Tonya Gibson, BSN, RN, CNOR. "Before receiving these eye trays, patients would have to wait longer to have the procedure done at (at the hospital)."

Before the donation from H.L Snyder Medical Foundation, there were only three eye trays that were being cycled through during the day, causing the staff to sterilize the instruments after every third patient, which was time-consuming and created limited access to care for patients. Since the donation from the Snyder Foundation, Mark Wellemeyer, MD, and his team are now able to fit in five patients before having to sterilize the eye trays. During the monthly eye clinic at WNH, on average there are 15-20 surgeries performed and at least three procedures completed every hour.

During each procedure, there are three WNH nurses that provide assistance along with two additional nurses that Wellemeyer brings with him from his Wichita clinic.  A team of WNH auxiliary volunteers helps to keep the surgeries on their timely schedule.

“We wouldn’t be able to care for as many patients without our volunteers," said Danielle Sloan, WNH nurse. "They're wonderful; we love them."

It takes a village of WNH staff and volunteers in addition to access to quality equipment to make the operations of the monthly eye clinic run smoothly.

“Again, we are so thankful for the generous support of H.L. Snyder Medical Foundation,” added Gibson. “Our surgical center wouldn’t deliver the high standard of care it does without access to this equipment.”

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