Each member of the Cowley College men’s basketball team attempted 500 3-pointers Sunday afternoon at W.S. Scott Auditorium to help the team raise money for the upcoming season.

The Tigers combined to make 4,940 out of 8,000 3-point attempts for an overall percentage of 61 percent, with 11 of the 16 participants shooting 60 percent or better.

“This was really good for our guys,” Cowley coach Tommy DeSalme said. “We tried to make it game-speed shooting. I want to thank the people that came out to watch us and the donors who helped with the event.”

Sponsors can make checks payable to Tommy DeSalme or Cowley men’s basketball and checks can be mailed to Cowley College, 125 S. Second St., Arkansas City, KS 67005.



Cevin Clark — 398-500, 79 percent

Mike’l Henderson — 368-500, 73 percent

Deng Bol — 348-500, 69 percent

Moun’tae Edmundson — 345-500, 69 percent

Dalen Ridgnal — 335-500, 67 percent

Clayton Hood — 329-500,  65 percent

Jacquez Yow - 317-500, 63 percent

Julius Nwosu — 307-500, 61 percent

Will Mangum — 305-500, 61 percent

Moses Nuangki — 305-500, 61 percent

Shemarri Allen — 302-500, 60 percent 

Martaveon Jones — 298-500, 59 percent

Biar Garang — 272-500, 54 percent

Malik Coats — 253-500, 50 percent

Dimitre Alston — 232-500, 46 percent

Donald Bobbitt — 226-500, 45 percent

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