The 73rd annual USTA Winfield Kansas Open drew 54 youth Friday to the T.H. Vaughan Tennis Center, up from 40 competitors a year ago.

The championship in the girls 18 division was a hometown affair, with Meganne Nihart of Winfield defeating teammate Courtney Priest 8-4 for the title.

Nihart advanced tot he finals by gutting out an 8-7 triumph against Ellie Messenger of Geuda Springs. Priest advanced by rolling past Topeka’s Emma Dowd 8-1.

Connor Phelps of Salina defeated Jonah Schloneger of North Newton 8-4 to win the championship in boys 16 singles, the age group that drew the most contestants.

Eighteen athletes took part in that division, including Christopher Arnett of Winfield, who advanced to the championship semifinals before falling 8-4 to Schloneger. 

Frankie Velasquez of Arkansas City advanced to the title match in boys 18 competition, dropping a tough 8-7 decision to Banks Whitney of Topeka in the title match.

Velasquez defeated teammate Colby Klotz 8-4 in the semifinals.

Oakley O’Donnell of Ark City captured the boys 14 championship with an 8-3 victory against Britton Snyder of Topeka.

O’Donnell advanced to the title match with an 8-1 triumph against Winfield’s Jacob Arnett.

Just three athletes competed in the boys 12 division in a round-robin format.

Dawson O’Donnell of Ark City went 2-0, defeating Ashler Deutschendorf of Newton 8-2 and shutting out Adam Everett of Winfield 8-0.

Deutschendorf finished second by escaping with an 8-7 triumph against Everett.

Holly Heiner of Edmond, Okla., rolled to the title in the girls 16 division with an 8-1 trouncing of Leawood’s Bryn Chaplin.

Ark Citian Landry Biddle advanced to the semifinals, but dropped an 8-2 decision to Chaplin.

Heiner advanced with an 8-2 victory against Piper Marquez of Independence.

Grace Tos of Wichita took the girls 14 title with an 8-5 victory against Molly Gaug of Clay Center.

Ark City’s Aleeyah Winegarner advanced to the semifinals, but dropped a tough 8-6 decision to Tos.

Gaug advanced with an 8-7 escape of Wichita’s Ava Keller.

The girls 12 division drew four competitors and used a round-robin format.

Mia Jaramillo of Wichita compiled a 3-0 record to win the title. Augusta’s Elise Richardson went 2-1 for second place, falling to Jaramillo 8-0 in head-to-head competition.

73rd USTA Winfield Kansas Open

Friday at T.H. Vaughan Tennis Center

Boys 18 Singles


Banks Whitney (Topeka) def. Francisco Velasquez (Ark City) 8-7.


Banks Whitney (Topeka) def. Nathan Watson (Wichita) 8-6.

Francisco Velasquez (Ark City) def. Colby Klotz (Ark City) 8-4.


Banks Whitney (Topeka) def. Tayton Thomson-Donham (Winfield) 8-3.

Consolation Finals

Colby Klotz (Ark City) def. Nathan Watson (Wichita) 8-4.

Consolation Semifinals

Colby Klotz (Ark City) def. Tayton Thomson-Donham (Winfield) 8-3.


Boys 16 Singles


Connor Phelps (Salina) def. Jonah Schloneger (North Newton) 8-4.


Connor Phelps (Salina) def. Ben Melvin (Lawrence) 8-2.

Jonah Schloneger (North Newton) def. Christopher Arnett (Winfield) 8-4.


Connor Phelps (Salina) def. Josh Klotz (Ark City) 8-4.

Ben Melvin (Lawrence) def. Ryan Stoner (Independence) 8-3.

Jonah Schloneger (North Newton) def. Brecken Bertie (Independence) 8-3.

Christopher Arnett (Winfield) def. Sam Grice (Independence) 8-5.

Round of 16

Connor Phelps (Salina) def. Bode Carter (Wichita), n/a.

Josh Klotz (Ark City) def. Noah Everett (Winfield) 8-3.

Ben Melvin (Lawrence) def. Dominique Mendoza (Independence), n/a.

Ryan Stoner (Independence) def. Levi Gaddy (Skiatook, OK) 8-0.

Brecken Bertie (Independence) def. Drake Lowe (Winfield) 8-6.

Jonah Schloneger (North Newton) def. Toni Morina (Bartlesville, OK) 8-3.

Sam Grice (Independence) def. Christopher Norton (Winfield) 8-2.

Christopher Arnett (Winfield) def. Marcus Rodriguez (Topeka) 8-5.

Round of 32

Dominique Mendoza (Independence) def. Ryan Zipprich (Hutchinson) 8-5.

Consolation Finals

Bode Carter (Wichita) def. Toni Morina (Bartlesville, OK) 8-7.

Consolation Semifinals

Toni Morina (Bartlesville, OK) def. Marcus Rodriguez (Topeka) 8-6.

Bode Carter (Wichita) def. Sam Grice (Independence) 8-6.

Consolation Quarterfinals

Marcus Rodriguez (Topeka) def. Ryan Stoner (Independence) 8-5.

Toni Morina (Bartlesville, OK) def. Josh Klotz (Ark City) 8-6.

Sam Grice (Independence) def. Dominique Mendoza (Independence) 8-5.

Bode Carter (Wichita) def. Brecken Bertie (Independence) 8-2.

Consolation Quarterfinal Qualifiers

Marcus Rodriguez (Topeka) def. Christopher Norton (Winfield) 8-1.

Toni Morina (Bartlesville, OK) def. Drake Lowe (Winfield) 8-6.

Dominique Mendoza (Independence) def. Levi Gaddy (Skiatook, OK) 8-2.

Bode Carter (Wichita) def. Noah Everett (Winfield) 8-0.

Consolation Second Round

Toni Morina (Bartlesville, OK) def. Ryan Zipprich (Hutchinson) 8-3.


Boys 14 Singles


Oakley O’Donnell (Ark City) def. Britton Snyder (Topeka) 8-3.


Oakley O’Donnell (Ark City) def. Jacob Arnett (Winfield) 8-1.

Britton Snyder (Topeka) def. Isaac Keller (Goddard) 8-4.


Jacob Arnett (Winfield) def. Asher Wassom (Frankfort) 8-0.

Isaac Keller (Goddard) def. Simeon Wassom (Frankfort) 8-1.

Britton Snyder (Topeka) def. Titus Wassom (Frankfort) 8-0.

Consolation Final

Isaac Keller (Goddard) def. Simeon Wassom (Frankfort) 8-4.

Consolation Semifinals

Simeon Wassom (Frankfort) def. Titus Wassom (Frankfort) 8-5.

Isaac Keller (Goddard) def. Asher Wassom (Frankfort) 8-0.

Simeon Wassom (Frankfort) def. Jacob Arnett (Winfield) 8-4.


Boys 12 Singles

(Round Robin)

Dawson O’Donnell (Ark City) def. Asher Deutschendorf (Newton) 8-2.

Asher Deutschendorf (Newton) def. Adam Everett (Winfield) 8-7.

Dawson O’Donnell (Ark City) def. Adam Everett (Winfield) 8-0.


Girls 18 Singles


Meganne Nihart (Winfield) def. Courtney Priest (Winfield) 8-4.


Meganne Nihart (Winfield) def. Eleana Messenger (Geuda Springs) 8-7.

Courtney Priest (Winfield) def. Emma Dowd (Topeka) 8-1.


Courtney Priest (Winfield) def. Olivia Richardson (Augusta) 8-1.

Consolation Semifinals

Eleana Messenger (Geuda Springs) def. Olivia Richardson (Augusta) 8-2.

Consolation Finals

Eleana Messenger (Geuda Springs) def. Emma Dowd (Topeka) 8-4.


Girls 16 Singles


Holly Heiner (Edmond, OK) def. Bryn Chaplin (Leawood) 8-1.


Holly Heiner (Edmond, OK) def. Piper Marquez (Independence) 8-2.

Bryn Chaplin (Leawood) def. Landry Biddle (Ark City) 8-2.


Piper Marquez (Independence) def. Sabrina Wilson (Winfield) 8-4.

Landry Biddle (Ark City) def. Kira McGrown (Wichita) 8-0.

Bryn Chaplin (Leawood) def. Tessa Miller (Lyons) 8-2.

Consolation Finals

Landry Biddle (Ark City) def. Piper Marquez (Independence) 8-0.

Consolation Semifinals

Landry Biddle (Ark City) def. Sabrina Wilson (Winfield) 8-7.

Piper Marquez (Independence) def. Kira McGrown (Wichita) 8-1.

Semifinal Qualifier

Kira McGrown (Wichita) def. Tessa Miller (Lyons), n/a.


Girls 14 Singles


Grace Tos (Wichita) def. Molly Gaug (Clay Center) 8-5.


Molly Gaug (Clay Center) def. Ava Keller (Wichita) 8-7.

Grace Tos (Wichita) def. Aleeyah Winegarner (Ark City) 8-6.


Ava Keller (Wichita) def. Claire Priest (Winfield) 8-2.

Aleeyah Winegarner (Ark City) def. Taylor Byo (Winfield) 8-6.

Consolation Finals

Aleeyah Winegarner (Ark City) def. Ava Keller (Wichita) 8-4.

Consolation Semifinals

Aleeyah Winegarner (Ark City) def. Claire Priest (Winfield) 8-3.

Ava Keller (Wichita) def. Taylor Byo (Winfield) 8-0.


Girls 12 Singles

Round Robin

Elise Richardson (Augusta) def. Ellie Gunn (Wichita) 8-4.

Mia Jaramillo (Wichita) def. Emma Richardson (Augusta) 8-0.

Ellie Gunn (Wichita) def. Emma Richardson (Augusta) 8-1.

Mia Jaramillo (Wichita) def. Elise Richardson (Augusta) 8-0.

Mia Jaramillo (Wichita) def. Ellie Gunn (Wichita) 8-0.

Elise Richardson (Augusta) def. Emma Richardson (Augusta) 8-6.

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