NEWKIRK, Okla. — A pair of local cowboys were in the money last weekend at the two-day Newkirk Rodeo, hosted by the Central Plains Rodeo Association.

Shane Henderson, of Winfield, was runner-up in steer wrestling, needing 10.3 seconds to take down his steer, pocketing $405.37 in the process. Ryan Swayze, of Freedom, Okla., needed just 9.5 seconds to win the event and collect $675.62. Brandon Volker, of Alva, Okla., finished third in 10.6 seconds, cashing in $270.25.

Luke Potter, of Arkansas City, pocketed $493.50 for his efforts in calf roping. Potter just missed the big check, roping his calf in 9.6 seconds, a fraction of a second away from Tyler Garten, of Kingman, who cashed in for $658 with his 9.2-second effort.

Travis Tetrick, of Kingman, was third in 10.1 seconds, collecting $329, while Perry Dietz, of Alva, Okla., was fourth in 10.7 seconds to take home $164.50.

Newkirk’s own Jace Bergman and Jeff Schieber were in the money in team roping, finishing third in 8.3 seconds to collect $570.34 apiece. Braden Stueve and Linden Stueve, of Durham, cashed checks for $1,520.92 each with a winning 7.3-second effort. Chance Frampton, of Murdock, and Shawn Hollenbeck, of Hutchinson, were runner-up in 7.9 seconds, collecting $1,140.69 apiece. Hutchinson’s Sam Miller and Mel Miller tied the Newkirk duo for third.

Great Bend’s Colton Delgado was tops in bareback riding with a score of 80, pocketing $411.25 for his effort. Coffeyville’s Chance Merrill was runner-up and just one point behind, collecting $246.75. Danny Weil, of Mooreland, Okla., took home $164.50 for his third-place 78.

Brett Olive, of Alva, Okla., scored a 77 on his mount to win saddle bronc and cash a check for $528.75. Colt Eck, of Redfield, was second with a 72, good for $352.50.

In the deepest event, Faith Holloway, of Fairfax, Okla., was the big winner in barrel racing, finishing in 16.763 seconds to take home $770.80. Argonia’s Courtney Larson pocketed $578.10 for her second-place 16.818. Steph Gray, of Hutchinson, was third in 16.969 for a check worth $433.57. Melissa Wagner, of Fort Supply, Okla., placed fourth in 17.024, good enough for $289.05. Kayla Copenhaver, of Alva, Okla., was fifth in 17.119, while Marsha Nelson, of Smolan, was sixth in 17.241 seconds for $120.43.

Hutchinson’s Brandi Hollenback scored 2.5 to win breakaway roping and collect $381.87. Morgan Kessler, who made the trek from Calaway, Neb., pocketed $229.12 for her second-place 3.6. Hagen Brunson, of Goodwell, Okla., was third in 3.7, good enough for a $152.75 purse.

Weston Wilson, of Alva, Okla., was the lone bull rider to make the cut, scoring a 78 to pocket $1,527.50.

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