Third-place Vikes going to State

Winfield High School senior Peter Stout and freshman Corban Priest compete Saturday at the Class 4A Regional Championships at El Dorado Lake’s Bluestem Point.

EL DORADO — The Winfield High School boys cross country team qualified for State after a third-place finish Saturday at the Class 4A Regional Championships at El Dorado Lake’s Bluestem Point.

The Vikings will send the entire boys squad to the KSHSAA Class 4A State Championships next Saturday at Wamego Country Club.

The top three teams from each Regional advanced to the Big Show, along with 10 individual runners.

Winfield scored 70 team points, four behind runner-up Towanda-Circle and seven points ahead of fourth-place Topeka-Hayden. Wamego also qualified as a complete team after winning the Regional with 50 points.

Juniors Craig LaBrue and Camilo Tarin continue to lead the Vikings.

A defending 4A Regional champion and 4A State runner-up, LaBrue had to settle for second place this season, finishing the 5K course in 16 minutes, 52.29 seconds. Tarin placed fourth in 17:17.56.

Tanner Newkirk of Hayden took the Regional title, leading the field of 62 in 16:38.62.

WHS senior Peter Stoudt and freshman Corban Priest placed 14th and 15th, respectively. Other Winfield runners included freshman Andru Owens (35th), junior Joey Bowlby (42nd) and freshman Mark Thompson (44th).

“Out boys teams is much improved from a year ago, where Camilo Tarin and Peter Stout have improved greatly from a year ago, along with the addition of a couple of freshmen to our top five of Corban Priest and Andru Owens,” WHS coach Torey Keller said. “We still haven’t hit on all cylinders and a complete team, so we still have high expectations going into the state meet this weekend.”

The Lady Vikings didn’t field a complete team, but one Winfield runner punched her ticket to the State meet.

Freshman Kayli Myers finished third in the 5K meet in 20:41.85 to qualify for the Big Show. Fellow freshman GraceLynn Benavides just missed the cut, placing 14th in 22:12.03.

Juniors Sophia Sisk (33rd) and Kate Stanton (42nd) also ran for the Lady Vikings.

“Very happy for Kayli Meyers, as she will be making her first trip to the

State meet,” Keller said. “GraceLynn Benavides just missed qualifying for state by just a couple of positions.”


Class 5A

LAKE AFTON — The Arkansas City Bulldogs were unable to qualify anyone for the KSHSAA Class 5A State Championships at the 5A Regional at Lake Afton State Park.

The ACHS boys placed eighth out of nine teams. The Lady Bulldogs did not field a full squad.

Senior Darius Stewart (18:02) cracked the top 30 in his final high school meet, finishing one spot ahead of sophomore Chase Mathews (18:06).

Other Ark City runners included junior Ivan Solis (38th), freshman Manuel Leos (40th), sophomore Bradeon Hayes (50th), junior Christopher Arnett (55th) and junior Wyatt Biddle (56th).

Ryan Kinnane of team champion Andover was tops in the field of 61 in 16:01.

Hope Jackson of team champ Bishop Carroll win the girls title in 18:27.

Junior Lydia Nagomi Watanabe (22:39) led the Lady Bulldogs in 37th. Sophomore Amelia Onelio (48th), junior Gabriella Herrera (53rd) and freshman Annicka Hernandez (54th) also competed.


Class 1A

WICHITA — Central of Burden senior Challen Jimenez will end his high school cross country career as a four-time State qualifier.

Jimenez finished 13th on Saturday at the Class 1A Regional Championships at the Cessna Activities Center.

Jimenez will wind down his career next Saturday at the KSHSAA Class 1A State Championships at Wamego Country Club after completing the 5K Regional course in 18 minutes, 14.23 seconds.

The Raiders competed with full boys and girls teams.

Junior Logan Braun (75th), freshman Curtis Bass (78th) and senior Shay Pippitt (87th) also competed for the Central boys.

Collin Oswalt of Hutchinson Central Christian won the 1A Regional title in 16:03.63.

Freshman Madison Vaughn (22nd) led the Lady Raiders, who also saw junior Cera Krueger (59th), freshman Jackilynn Krueger (60th) and junior Alysha Stevens (61st) compete.

The Udall High boys were represented by junior Hans Faye (34th).

Seniors Elexis Bates (18th) and Stephanie Mackey (20th) competed for the Lady Eagles.

Representing the Dexter Lady Cardinals were freshmen Jacey McIntyre (25th) and Amiya Dieguez (52nd).


Class 5A Regional Championships

Saturday at Lake Afton


Boys (5K)

Team Scores — 1. Andover 65; 2. Emporia 72; 3. Bishop Carroll 82; 4. Goddard-Eisenhower 95; 5. Andover Central 112; 6. Kapaun Mt. Carmel 120; 7. Wichita Northwest 175; 8. Arkansas City 189; 9. Goddard 251.

5A Regional Champion (61) — Ryan Kinnane (And), 16:01.

Arkansas City — 30. Darius Stewart 18:02; 31. Chase Mathews 18:06; 38. Ivan Solis 18:23; 40. Manuel Leos 18:29; 50. Bradeon Hayes 19:41; 55. Christopher Arnett 20:00; 56. Wyatt Biddle 20:11.


Girls (5K)

Team Scores — 1. Bishop Carroll 47; 2. Emporia 60; 3. Andover 77; 4. Kapaun Mt. Carmel 92; 5. Goddard-Eisenhower 93; 6. Wichita Northwest 140; 7. Andover Central 159; Arkansas City, Goddard incomplete.

5A Regional Champion (54) — Hope Jackson (BC), 18:27.

Arkansas City — 37. Lydia Nagomi Watanabe 22:39; 48. Amelia Onelio 24:32; 53. Gabriella Herrera 27:06; 54. Annicka Hernandez 29:08.


Class 4A Regional Championships

Saturday at El Dorado Lake


Boys (5K)

Team Scores — 1. Wamego 50; 2. Towanda-Circle 66; 3. Winfield 70; 4. Topeka-Hayden 77; Augusta, El Dorado, Mulvane, Rose Hill, Wellington incomplete.

4A Regional Champion (62) — Tanner Newkirk (TH), 16:38.62.

Winfield — 2. Craig LaBrue 16:52.29; 4. Camilo Leos-Tarin 17:17.56; 14. Peter Stout 17:49.06; 15. Corban Priest 17:49.4; 35. Torrance Andru Owens 19:28.71; 42. Joseph Bowlby 20:03.02; 44. Mark Thompson 20:12.58.


Girls (5K)

Team Scores — 1. Mulvane 50; 2. Augusta 52; 3. Towanda-Circle 68; 4. Rose Hill 74; 5. Wamego 95; 6. Topeka-Hayden 146; El Dorado, Wellington, Winfield incomplete.

4A Regional Champion (45) — Kyrsten Lucent (RH), 20:20.95.

Winfield — 3. Kayli Myers 20:41.85; 14. GraceLynn Benavides 22:12.03; 33. Sophia Sisk 24:19.33; 42. Kate Stanton 26:38.49.


Class 1A Regional Championships

Saturday at Wichita 

Cessna Activities Center


Boys (5K)

Team Scores — 1. Berean Academy 25; 2. St. John 36; 3. Olpe 57; 4. Caldwell 68; 5. Goessel 89; 6. Pretty Prairie 136; 7. Lebo 140; 8. Macksville 165; 9. South Central 173; 10. Little River 183; 11. Central Plains 187; 12. Wichita Classical 193; 13. Central of Burden 211; Udall, et al, incomplete.

1A Regional Champion (87) — Collin Oswalt (HCC), 16:03.63.

Central of Burden — 13. Challen Jimenez 18:14.23; 75. Logan Braun 23:21.09; 78. Curtis Bass 24:22.82; 87. Shay Pippitt 28:55.14.

Udall — 34. Hans Faye 19:29.71.


Girls (5K)

Team Scores — 1. Berean Academy 26; 2. Pretty Prairie 36; 3. Macksville 52; 4. Colony-Crest 70; 5. Goessel 83; 6. Lebo 103; 7. Little River 122; 8. Central of Burden 127.

1A Regional Champion (61) — Brooke Wiebe (BA), 20:14.64.

Central of Burden — 22. Madison Vaughn 23:32.84; 59. Cera Krueger 35:41.77; 60. Jackilynn Krueger 36:30.37; 61. Alysha Stevens 39:44.59.

Dexter — 25. Jacey McIntire 23:44.68; 52. Amiya Dieguez 29:28.77.

Udall — 18. Elexis Bates 22:55.05; 20. Stephanie Mackey 23:24.6.

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