Top rodeo competitors announced

Marley Burger, of Udall, snags his calf and the grand prize Monday night at the County County Fair Rodeo in Winfield.

Udall native Marley Burger was one of the big winners after two days of rodeo Sunday and Monday at the Cowley County Fair at the Winfield Fairgrounds.

Burger nipped Brandon Hittle for the top prize in tie-down roping. Burger earned $582.80 for his 10.1-second score, just ahead of Hittle in 10.2 seconds, good for $437.10.

Not all of the cowboys and cowgirls in competition listed a hometown.

Cole Wilson of Emporia cashed a check for $291.40 for his third-place time of 10.7 seconds, with RJ Straw fourth in 11.1 seconds and $145.70.

Worm Shipley of Copan, Okla., one of two cowboys in the over-40 tie-down roping, finished in 11.1 seconds to win easily and pocket $225.60. Monty Dyer of Ottawa was second in 14.2 seconds, taking home $150.40.

Four barrel racers split the profits, with Kara Kreder of Collinsville, Okla., coming out on top in 14.4 seconds to cash a check worth $451.20.

Jenny Kijac of Jay, Okla., was a split second off in 14.85, taking the second-place purse of $338.40. Demi Hull of Lawrence was third in 15.07 seconds, good for $225.60, while Winfield's own Dakota O'Donnell was fourth in 15.08 seconds to earn $112.80.

Gabe Hildebrand of Edna and Chad Evans of Fairland, Okla., pocketed $723.80 apiece after winning the team roping event in 5.5 seconds.

Dalton McCoy and Levi Wilson were runners-up in 6 seconds flat, taking home $542.85 each. Gage Blair and Tyler Mahlandt were third in 7.5 seconds, good enough for $361.90 apiece. Marshall Samples and Reed Boos finished in 8.3 seconds, taking home $180.95 each for fourth.

Starcher Patterson of Ft. Scott scored a 78 to win bull riding by one point over Dominique Ruppert of Manhattan. The difference was Starcher's $558.36 in winnings, compared to the $372.24 check for second place.

Five cowgirls competed in breakaway roping, and when the dust settled, Winter Williams of Copan, Okla., took home the top prize of $380.70 for a 2.1-second ride.

Michelle Wilson of Emporia was runner-up in 2.7 seconds, good for $317.25. Third place went to Avery Brown of Douglass, who cashed in a $253.80 check for a 3.1-second time. Faith Miller of Allen was fourth in 3.3 seconds and $190.35, while Carlee Potter of Maple City settled for fifth in 4.1 seconds and a $126.90 check.

Kyle Eike took his steer down in just 7.8 seconds to walk away with $423 in steer wrestling.

Hunter Crawford of Mount Hope was the only other contestant, needing 21.8 seconds to pocket $282.

Rowdy Chesser of Kansas, Okla., scored a 59 in saddle bronc to earn $423. Cody Goertzen of Tuttle, Okla., was the only other competitor, pocketing $282 after a score of 50.

Dillon Young was the only bareback rider, pocketing $648.60 with a 74 score.

Four teams of three competed in the Wild Cow Milking contest, but only two recorded scores.

The trio of Tucker Drake, Colt Kennedy and Cameron Thompson were victorious in 41.01 seconds, earning $315.

Chris Griffith, Kyle Pontious and Tom Nicholas were second in 43.78 seconds, earning $210.

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