HAYSVILLE — Arkansas City Middle School seventh-grader VonEric Rogers captured the gold medal Tuesday at the Patriot League Cross Country Championships.

The Winfield Middle School seventh-grade boys took home the team title.

Rogers completed the two-mile course in 5 minutes, 52 seconds to win by nine seconds over Chris Caballero of Haysville.

The Junior Vikings placed three runners in the top seven en route to the team title.

Jaden Wood placed fourth, Parker Mah was sixth and Gunnar Parsons took seventh. Andrew Yates placed 12th, followed by Jack Hedges(19th), Zach Greenlee (23rd) and Lucas Curran (25th).

The only other Ark City runner in the seventh-grade boys meet was Landen Larson, who placed 11th.

Ark City’s Kennedy Barnes (6:29) was runner-up in the seventh-grade girls meet, one spot ahead of teammate Shay Wyckoff in third.

Amelia Hogan (11th) and Rachel Lenz (14th) competed for Winfield.

Jasmine Calvo completed the eighth-grade girls race in 14:41 for the Lady Bullpups. Teammate Autumn Kilts was 16th.

Addiy Potucek 1(12th), Lydia Lyman (18th) and Alanah Topper (23rd) competed for the Junior Lady Vikings.

Heath Reed finished fifth to lead the WMS eighth-grade boys. Nikolas Smith also cracked the top 10, followed by teammates Matthew Norton (21st), Kale Jewers (26th) and Roman Biddle (27th).

Mason Burr took sixth in the same race for ACMS. He was followed by Trevor Beeson (12th), Jaxon Tsosoe (13th), Nathan Fleig (15th), Jackson Headrick (18th) and Christian Cabrera (24th).


Patriot League Championships

Tuesday at Haysville


Eighth-Grade Boys (2mi.)

Team Scores — 1. Augusta 38; 2. Haysville 44; 3. Arkansas City 57; 4. Winfield 73; Benton-Circle, El Dorado incomplete.

Individual Medalist (30) — Brody Bloom (Hays), 12:05.

Arkansas City — 6. Mason Burr 13:45; 12. Trevor Beeson 14:35; 13. Jaxon Tsosoe 14:39; 15. Nathan Fleig 16:05; 18. Jackson Headrick 16:21; 24. Christian Cabrera 17:25.

Winfield — 5. Heath Reed 13:27; 10. Nikolas Smith 14:09; 21. Matthew Norton 16:57; 26. Kale Jewers 18:19; 27. Roman Biddle 18:30.


Eighth-Grade Girls (2mi.)

Team Scores — 1. Augusta 36; 2. Benton-Circle 44; 3. El Dorado 67; 4. Haysville 72; Arkansas City, Winfield incomplete.

Individual Medalist (27) — Madison Busch (Aug), 14:30.

Arkansas City — 2. Jasmine Calvo 14:41; 16. Autumn Kilts 17:51.

Winfield — 12. Addiy Potucek 16:37; 18. Lydia Lyman 18:56; 23. Alanah Topper 21:18.


Seventh-Grade Boys (1mi.)

Team Scores — 1. Winfield 27; 2. Haysville 41; 3. Benton-Circle 53; Arkansas City, Augusta, El Dorado incomplete.

Individual Medalist (25) — VonEric Rogers (Ark), 5:52.

Arkansas City — 1. VonEric Rogers 5:52; 11. Landen Larson 6:43.

Winfield — 4. Jaden Wood 6:12; 6. Parker Mah 6:26; 7. Gunnar Parsons 6:30; 12. Andrew Yates 6:49; 19. Jack Hedges 7:40; 23. Zach Greenlee 8:16; 25. Lucas Curran 8:48.


Seventh-Grade Girls (1mi.)

Team Scores — 1. Benton-Circle 15; Arkansas City, Augusta, El Dorado, Haysville, Winfield incomplete.

Individual Medalist (15) — Brett Jacobson (BC), 5:51.

Arkansas City — 2. Kennedy Barnes 6:29; 3. Shay Wyckoff 6:36.

Winfield — 11. Amelia Hogan 7:43; 14. Rachel Lenz 9:29.

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