Myers attends Blue-Grey All-American combine

Brogan Myers, right, poses with lead instructor Mark McMillian on June 30 at the at Blue-Grey All-American Southwest Super Regional Combine at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. McMillian played for five NFL teams.

ARLINGTON, Texas — Cedar Vale High School junior Brogan Myers traveled June 30 to Arlington, Texas to take part in the Blue-Grey All-American Southwest Super Regional Combine at AT&T Stadium.

Myers, a standout running back for the Cedar Vale/Dexter Spartans, made the South Central Border League all-league first team and received All-State honorable at running back mention this past season.

The combine system is designed to allow football scouts the opportunity to see a multitude of players perform in one place. The players are put through a series of tests starting with height and weight.

Expectations are placed on players based on their physical stats. Physical stats, along with exercises performed on the combine field, better enable the coaches and scouts to get an idea of the players’ abilities.

Many players have benefited from the combine system throughout the years. The exposure is unprecedented for players from rural communities, where the opportunity to be seen by a college coach or scout is limited.

Myers’ hope is to play college football, so being chosen to participate in the combine system increases his chances to be seen by a number of eyes that have the ability to make his hopes a reality.

Myers support runs deep in the community. He thanked Paul Jay and Shawne Fulsom for sponsoring him for this trip. From this experience he hopes to be chosen to attend the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl.

Hunter Ferguson contributed to this report.

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