PRATT — Winfield High School seniors Zach Butler and Tayton Thomson-Donham brought home the medals for seventh place in doubles play Saturday on Day 2 of the KSHSAA Class 4A State Championships at the Walter Blake Tennis Complex.

“Coach (Linn) Hibbs and I are proud of all the kids and the season we enjoyed,” WHS coach Stan Boggs said.

Butler and Thomson-Donham entered the Big Show with a 17-14 record, but picked up steam heading into the postseason.

The WHS duo worked their way into the championship quarterfinals when rain halted action late Friday. They fell 6-1, 6-1 to eventual 4A State runners-up Cody Schiffner and Luke Kohler of Abilene. Facing elimination, the Viking duo battled back with a 9-3 triumph against the Iola tandem of Breton Plumlee and Ellijah Fawson on the backside.

The only thing keeping them from a shot at fifth place was a tough 9-7 setback to Philip Voegeli and Michael Sandstrom of Topeka-Hayden. But they bounced back with a 9-3 victory against Josh Shum and Ryan Haag of league nemesis El Dorado for the seventh-place medals.

“Zach and Tayton were on a mission and they were all business the entire tournament,” Boggs said. “The guys fought all day and you can’t ask any more of them. It was a great way to end a season with a win and a medal from the state tournament.”

WHS freshman Drake Lowe ended his first foray into the Big Show with an 0-2 record Friday.

“Drake played the best tennis of the season,” Boggs said. “He gained valuable experience we are very proud of Drake. He was cheering on his teammates and looking forward to next year and getting back to the state tournament.”

Both doubles finalists emerged from the Buhler Regional.

Schiffner and Kohler fell to the Buhler duo of Camrin Engelken and Carter Engelken 6-3, 6-3 for the 4A State title.

Sean Sandstrom of 4A State team champion Topeka-Hayden rolled to a 6-2, 6-1 victory against Carson Mosier of Towanda-Circle for the 4A State singles title.


State Championships

Saturday at Pratt 

Walter Blake Tennis Complex

Day 2

Final Team Scores — 1. Topeka-Hayden 39; 2. Wichita Trinity 35; 3. Buhler 30; 4. Bishop Miege 25; 5. Parsons 21; 6. Towanda-Circle 20; 7. Independence 18; 8. Abilene 14; 9. Chanute 10; 10. Winfield 9; 11. El Dorado 8; 12. Iola 4; 13t. Augusta 3; 13t. Wellington 3; 15t. Fort Scott 2; 15t. Pratt 2; 17. Labette County 1; 18t. Ottawa 0; 18t. Paola 0.


Championship — Sean Sandstrom (TH) def. Carson Mosier (TC), 6-2, 6-1. Third — Evan Acuff (BM) def. Ronan Boyle (TH), 6-4, 0-6, 6-2. Fifth — Drew Majors (WT) def. Brayden Frederick (Cha), 9-3. Seventh — Houston Weimar (WT) def. Luke Ingalls (Buh), 9-1. Ninth — Drake Dick (Buh) def. Zach Spriggs (Par), 9-4. 11th — Logan Payne (Ind) def. Sam Grice (Ind), 9-6.


Championship — Camrin Engelken & Carter Engelken (Buh) def. Cody Schiffner & Luke Kohler (Abi), 6-3, 6-3. Third — Trey Martinez & Isaac Stringer (Par) def. Patrick Cashman & Andrew Ladwig (BM), 6-0, 6-2. Fifth — Philip Voegeli & Michael Sandstrom (TH) def. Noah Pennington & Joey Vigilius (WT), 9-4. Seventh — Zach Butler & Tayton Thomson-Donham (Win) def. Josh Shum & Ryan Haag (ED), 9-3. Ninth — Sawyer Hayward & Dominique Mendoza (Ind) def. Noah Allison & Drew Middleton (TC), 9-6. 11th — Kory Rash & Cole Mathews (WT) def. Breton Plumlee & Ellijah Fawson (Iola), 9-7.


Winfield Results


Drake Lowe, DNP (0-2): lost to Houston Weimar (WT), 6-2, 6-0; lost to Logan Payne (Ind), 9-3.


Zach Butler & Tayton Thomson-Donham, seventh place (3-2): def. Nick Patton & Allen Santana (FS), 6-3, 6-1; lost to Cody Schiffner & Luke Kohler (Abi), 6-1, 6-1; def. Breton Plumlee & Ellijah Fawson (Iola), 9-3; lost to Philip Voegeli & Michael Sandstrom (TH), 9-7; def. Josh Shum & Ryan Haag (ED), 9-3.


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