Cowley College men’s soccer head coach Ruy Vaz, coming off one of the most successful seasons in the history of the program, recently announced the signing of 20 athletes to the squad.

The Tigers had a 2019 season to remember. They repeated as conference champions, captured their first-ever District title and won their first-ever game at the National tournament.

Returning eight sophomores from last year’s team, Vaz and assistant coach Tanner Brock have been busy signing talented soccer players from around the world.

“We are rebuilding the roster with eight returning sophomores who will be our leaders and will help the freshman assimilate to our culture of excellence,” Vaz said.

Players signed for 2020 include Valentine Iheanyiogu, a forward from Italy; Bassirou Sene, a midfielder from Senegal; Jamie Raveneau, a defender from England; Andre Luiten, a goalkeeper from New Zealand; Adrian Gonzales, a forward from Miami, Fla.; Jhansel Abreu, a midfielder from Miami, Fla.; Marcos Garcia, a defender from Miami, Fla.; Rafael Furlani, a goalkeeper from Brazil; Gabriel Atienza, a midfielder from Brazil; Lucas Lima, a defender from Brazil; Raphael Boaventura, a forward from Brazil; Caique Trivelato, a forward from Brazil; Pedro Arcoverde, a defender from Brazil; Takeru Moriyama, a midfielder from Japan; Masaya Sekiguchi, a midfielder/forward from Japan; Ryoma Sakamoto, a midfielder/forward from Japan; Grigorios Nasai, a midfielder from Ireland; Josias Irala, a forward from Paraguay; Gonzalo Suarez, a forward from Spain; and Jose Zarate, a defender/midfielder from Mexico.

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