Cowley College named 63 student-athletes as 2018-19 NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Award recipients for grade-point averages of 3.6 or higher.

The softball team saw seven athletes receive honors, while the volleyball team, women’s soccer team and men’s tennis team each had six athletes receive honors.

Hannah Nicolaisen highlighted volleyball’s selections by earning

NJCAA All-Academic first-team honors while posting a 4.0 GPA.

“We really stress the idea of student-athletes being here to get an education,” volleyball coach Steven Gream said. “This shows the hard work the players put in to get the work done on and off the court.”

Three softball players earned first-team honors, among 10 first-team honorees.

To earn second-team honors, student-athletes achieved a GPA between 3.80 and 3.99. Third-team honors were awarded for

achieving a GPA between 3.60 and 3.79. 

NJCAA Academic Student-Athletes

First Team

Men’s tennis — Bruno Hidaka Suiama, Casey Edwards

Men’s indoor track and field — Nathan Hinton

Men’s soccer — Lucas De Freitas

Softball — Taylor Hinnenkamp, Sammie Murray, Emilee Wells

Women’s cross country — Katelynn Soltero

Women’s outdoor track and field — Harlie Schmeling Hanson

Volleyball — Hannah Nicolaisen

Second Team

Men’s tennis — Moises Goncalves, Killian Dagneaux, Emil Zaar

Men’s cross country — Messi Elgin

Baseball — Brett Biggs

Men’s bowling — Garrett Bolden

Volleyball — Milica Kusmuk,

Women’s indoor track and field — Thais Lindemayer Gomes, Sasha Elizondo

Women’s basketball — Veronica Martinez, Kadie Smith

Women’s soccer — Kamila Mroziewicz, Jordan Gaylord

Women’s tennis — Brianna Berryman

Third Team

Men’s outdoor track and field — Victor Cruz, Tyler Soliz, Tanner Blackmore

Men’s indoor track and field — Payton Milner

Men’s soccer — Saulo Dantas, Nicholas Magri, Ignacio Palacio, Alexandre Gravel

Baseball — Tyler Halstead, Kros Bay, Corbin Lill

Men’s Tennis — Angelo Yasuro Ito Tost

Men’s cross country — Jacob Taylor

Men’s bowling — Wyatt Baumgartner, Matthew Geisler, Cort Schwerdtfeger

Men’s basketball — Karl Drammeh

Wrestling — Justice Circle

Volleyball — Kate Pani, Elina Zlateva, Caroline Foster, Alejandra Delgado,

Women’s soccer — Thayane Forte Leal, Marcela Dantas, Luisa Marschhausen, Isabella Costa

Softball — Skylar Darnell, Haleigh Scott, Gracen Williamson, Abigail Parks

Women’s tennis — Kristela Vidnere, Coraline Lamer, Allana Molnar

Women’s outdoor track and field — Kylie Klassen, Kendall Ray, Erika Hoag, Brooklynn Riggle

Women’s basketball — Emily Hrencher, Veronica Martinez

Women’s bowling — Abigail Parks

The most successful NJCAA programs in the classroom this year were recognized Monday with the announcement of the 2018-19 NJCAA Academic Teams of the Year.

Cowley College had nine athletic programs earn honorable mention recognition by assembling a 3.0 grade-point average or higher.

The men’s tennis team led the way with a 3.58 GPA. The women’s outdoor track and field team finished with a 3.28 GPA, while the women’s indoor track and field and women’s tennis teams each finished with a 3.25 GPA.

The women’s cross country team was just behind with a 3.23 GPA. Other Tiger athletic programs to receive awards were women’s soccer (3.21), volleyball (3.12), softball (3.05 GPA) and men’s cross country (3.02 GPA).

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