As I have mumbled and grumbled the past two weeks while watching the Kansas City Chiefs lose to teams they should have owned, I didn’t know that it could get much worse.

The gods or whatever make the world go around must have said, “Hold my beer.”

Week after week, as my wife and I sat watching quarterback Patrick Mahomes get driven into the ground time and time again, I told her that it’s only a matter of time before he’s knocked out for an extended period.

An offensive line that wasn’t among the greatest before it was decimated by injuries, coupled with a porous defense that allowed the opposition to freely and quickly march up and down the field, meant the Chiefs spent considerable time on offense. And for this explosive offense, the opportunity to see Mahomes craftily zing passes up and down the field gave Chiefs fans hope that this team could be one of the best ever.

It was only a matter of time.

I am glad that Mahomes wasn’t injured by a malicious hit, such was the case for former running back Priest Holmes, who saw his career cut short in part due to a late, out-of-bounds hit by Shawn Merriman of the then-San Diego Chargers. And I’m relieved that the injury didn’t happen because some inexperienced offensive lineman stepped on him, such was the case a few weeks ago.

The one thing that concerns — angers — me is why Mahomes was carrying the ball at all on that fateful fourth-and-inches play Thursday night against the Denver Broncos.

If it was his call — and Mahomes is that type of player, one who will do anything to help his team to victory — then OK. But if that play call came from the coaching staff, someone should lose their job.

It was a foolish decision to have Mahomes — the face of the NFL and reigning Most Valuable Player — attempt a quarterback sneak with the damage he has already suffered to his ankle.

Fortunately, the early consensus is that Mahomes will only miss four to six weeks, and may return this season.

Backup quarterback Matt Moore is probably a nice guy. Nothing against him, but the Chiefs went from having the best signal-caller in the NFL to having to rely on one of the worst.

The defense showed up Thursday night in Denver. That defense will need to show up more than just once for the Chiefs to be able to compete this season.

After all, Kansas City’s explosive offense just lost its detonator.


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