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100 years ago

• Together with a picture of the late A.J. Hunt, of this city, and also a picture of the proposed new church building, the following story appeared in last night’s issue of the Kansas City Star: Memorials follow in the footsteps of war. … the milling industry … plans to honor one of its number who served behind the lines no less faithfully than the men who went to the firing line. Under the leadership of the millers of the southwest a memorial church is to be erected in Arkansas City, Kans., by the milling industry as a tribute to the memory of Andrew J. Hunt, who was one of the most widely known millers in the country, died in October 1918. …  The memorial church will replace the old Trinity church, hardly more than a wooden chapel, which has served the parish for many years — almost from the establishment of the church in 1884. … Mr. Hunt’s association with Trinity church began in 1899, when he took up his residence in Arkansas City … 

• The local Lions club will push the “big brother movement.” This was brought out in the regular Thursday noon luncheon of the club which was held … at the Osage hotel. … it is intended that boys in the state industrial school be paroled into the hands of one of the Lions. A committee was formed to attempt to get the superintendent of the state industrial school at Topeka, to talk before the next meeting of the club on this issue.


50 years ago

• Jean C. Lough and Robert Kuhlmeier are Arkansas City’s new City Commissioners and in 1973 two more will be added since the voters approved increasing the governing board from three to five members.


25 years ago

• Monday, April 8: An Arkansas City High School student is trying to raise money to go on a three-week European soccer tour. Charles E. Brant needs to raise roughly $5,000 to travel with and participate in the American Soccer Ambassador’s annual tour of Europe. “I was sent an application because of an honorary mention I received from the Ark Valley League,” Brant said.

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