Following an additional review of COVID-19 cases and contact tracing within Adams Elementary, it has been determined that Adams Elementary students will transition to a remote learning model for two weeks. In-person learning is expected to resume on Nov. 23.

“As much as we hoped to avoid this scenario, we knew it was possible and have prepared for it,” USD 470 Superintendent Dr. Ron Ballard said. “We hope to provide a successful learning experience for students even as we are apart.”

Students have tomorrow, Nov. 9, off from school. Ballard encourages USD 470 families to continue monitoring their health and practice the recommended health and safety precautions.

“Unfortunately, now is not the time to become lax in our efforts,” Ballard said. “It truly does take all of us working together to keep schools open.”

The district will continue to closely monitor these situations and will update families as needed.

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I hope you will all take this seriously, close all in-school classes, stop sporting events and ensure you save lives. This is getting beyond control and you do not have the resources locally that will be able to handle the influx of cases in your limited health care systems there in Cowley County.

Is it what anyone wants, no! Is it going to create some hardships for families, yes! But it's either that or see your older, more risky family and friends contract this horrible virus and die. This isn't rocket science folks, we know what we can do and while it creates hardships, for those always preaching "pro-life", is that only for the child in the womb or is that just an excuse for you.

We also have no clue what this is doing long term to the body, so while the younger generations may initially be asymptomatic and/or have no "perceived" health risks, we don't know that for a fact it won't cause them.

So please, make the tough decision in Cowley and save lives now before it's too late...

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