New machine will help city add walking paths

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The sidewalk in front of Terry Mcclaflin’s house on College Street used to extend all the way to East Ninth Avenue. It now ends at the foot of Mcclaflin’s front walk. This photo also shows how the corner lawn was dug out by the road crew working on East Ninth.

City of Winfield workers assisted by Daniels Ready Mix recently tested a new slipform paver acquired by the city to help put down concrete paths.

According to City Manager Taggart Wall, the new technology allows to city to lay paths much more efficiently than traditional forming methods. The slipform paver places, compacts and finishes the concrete as it is pulled behind a tractor or concrete truck.

“We were able to work together with the management at Daniels Ready Mix to find the right mix design to help us be successful,” Wall said.

Patrick Steward, director of public improvements for the city, said the new equipment allows the city to do this kind of work in house, rather than hire an outside company.

“It also allows us to install paths much quicker than the traditional method,” Steward said. “That saves us labor and allows us to allocate those labor hours to other community needs.”

Expanding trails and paths in Winfield was a top priority of the comprehensive plan completed in 2020. The plan calls for finishing paths at the municipal golf course and installing of a network of paths connecting points throughout the community using the levees and various parks.  

The city was recently notified that it received a grant of $130,000 from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks to complete the walking/biking path at Broadway Recreation Complex. 

The project will add .88 miles of concrete path from 19th Avenue, along the levy to Broadway Street, to the entrance at the complex. The path will be 9-feet wide.

“The path itself will serve two purposes. We will use the new surface for flood patrol operations during flooding events and when we are not using it for that purpose, it will be a great place for exercise,” Wall said.

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