CBD, health store to open in Arkansas City

Lucky Leaf, a new health store that specializes in CBD- and Kratom-based products, is planning to open a new store in Arkansas City. The business will be at 1524 N. Summit St., and is expected to open in early February.

One company not stunted by the pandemic is expanding into Arkansas City.

Lucky Leaf, which specializes in CBD and Kratom products, intends to open at 1524 N. Summit St., the former Helping Hands Quick Cash.

CBD is a chemical found in marijuana, but does not contain the psychoactive ingredient that produces a high. Stores selling CBD items have proliferated in the past couple of years after it became legal in Kansas in 2018.

Kratom is an extract from the leaves of a tropical evergreen tree native to Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and other South Asian countries. Both substances are reported to have medicinal benefits and are legal to use and sell in the U.S.

Store Manager Demara Epperly said Friday that she hopes to have the Ark City store open in February. A specific date has not been set.

“Our hours will be 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and that will be seven days a week,” she said.

The store will also feature a drive-thru lane to make it easier for customers to pick up products while allowing them to social distance.

Epperly said the store plans to carry a variety of natural products, but its main focus will be on the CBD and Kratom items. She said those products are useful for relieving pain, and can help control anxiety, depression and inflammation. She claimed they are a healthier alternative to many pain medications.

“The list kind of goes on and on, but those are the main things CBD and Kratom are helping people with,” she said.

Lucky Lead has four locations in Kansas: Derby, Park City, El Dorado and Wichita. Epperly said her family has been considering an Ark City location for some time. They have never lived in Ark City, but her husband had previously worked 12 years at Creekstone and became well acquainted with the community.

“We just like the town, liked the spot and thought it’d be a good place to set up shop,” she said.

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