All schools in Arkansas City USD 470 will transition to remote learning beginning Monday, according to an email sent to parents of USD 470 students on Saturday evening. This plan will remain in effect until after Thanksgiving.

According to the email, the school district is experiencing additional COVID-19 cases and a significant increase in the number of close contacts being excluded from school due to quarantine.

"As a result of these increases, all USD 470 schools will temporarily transition to remote learning until after Thanksgiving. Fortunately, we have planned for this scenario and are ready to quickly make the transition," the message said.

Athletics and activities will continue for the time being under the temporary remote plan, subject to final review and action at the Nov. 23 board of education meeting, the message said.

"We hope to resume our modified hybrid model (in-person learning four days per week with Wednesdays as remote learning days) on Nov. 30 as long as conditions allow," the message said. "Please know that we are taking this action in the interest of everyone’s health and safety. It’s also becoming increasingly difficult to staff schools, which is why some of our schools had already transitioned to remote learning."

During the school closures, students and their families are encouraged to avoid large gatherings, wear masks, and practice good hygiene and healthy habits.

The situation will be closely monitored, the message said, and additional information will be released as needed.

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How does this make any sense? You close the schools but continue to play sports, which involves close contact (not protected with face masks) with individuals outside of the city/county and that's going to be safe? This is complete nonsense and will only continue to spread with more remote contacts being made, the students bringing it home to parents, grandparents, then the community, etc. Is it any wonder the virus is exploding when not even schools care enough about their community to go into lockdown? Just amazing and there is one (1) business sure to be booming, the funeral homes. Wake up people, this is past a 5 alarm fire and you "leaders" are just putting more fuel on the flames for what?

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