Grades 9-12


honor roll  (4.0)

Edie Boatman, Kylee Bragg, Laikin Bratcher, Kyli Daniels, Tristan Denton, Amiya Dieguez, Ava Doak, Shelby Ferguson, Joshua Gage, Eva Kircher, Hannah Marker, Julian Moore, Timber Neal, Alysa Overbey, Jenna Richardson, Riley Schalk, Lorelai Strausberg and Cadie Thomson.

Principal’s honor roll  (3.75 – 3.99)

Fernando Garcia, Micah Brown, Justice Casebolt, Cole Clark, Staton Harrod, Madison Hedgecock, Brayden Henderson, Grace Henderson, Kaden Jacobs, Kyler Magnus, Jacey McIntire, Levi McIntire, Wyatt McMinn, Brieley Minnie, Alexander Overbey, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Austin Shelton, Cadence Shelton and Cale Shorter.

Counselor’s honor roll  (3.50 – 3.74)

Kaleb Boatman, Kendall Ghram, Luis Grandy, Brooke Haunshild, Colby Minson, Braden Mugler, Andrew Perry, Matthew Priddy, Cole Riley, Andrew Waldschmidt, Cody Waters and Madyson Wood.

Achievement honor roll  (3.0 – 3.49)

Violet Avers, Cameron Bragg, Kaitlynn Buxton, Wyatt Lampson, Brody Lenington, Jeramiah McCaslin, Braedon Minnie, Michelle Priddy, Mason Randall, Kadyn Smith, Tucker Wedman and Caden Wood.

Grades 6-8


honor roll  (4.0)

Eislee Boatman, Leah Duncan, Reagan Every, Josiah Gage, Bailey Hedgecock, Kylie Hedgecock, Kenadi Koeppen, Madelyn Lampson, Wade Martin, Allyson McDonald, Connor Minson, Gavon Moore, Jackson Voegele, Jesyn Vogele and Harper Webb.

Principal’s honor roll  (3.75-3.99)

Arianna Baxter, Logan Becker, Max Bergman, Brylee Casebolt, Cooper Criss, Zoe Davidson, Analee Free, Sawyer Harrod, Aemon Henning, Jackson Jacobs, Wyatt Martin, Grace Minson, Violet Nichols, Royce Potter and Madyson Snow.

Counselor’s honor roll (3.50 – 3.74)

Parker Carr, Jalynn Carroll, Jessica Carroll, Zoey Fritz, Savannah Hartsock, Grant Heilig, Paiten Henderson, Kyson Henley, Keeley Jacobs, Madison Martens, Hayden McMinn, Anabell Mugler, Rogan Pappan, Briley Riddick, Wesley Robinson, Maverick Schalk, Cecil Vaden and Gracie Webb.

Achievement Honor Roll (3.0 – 3.49)

Cameron Beeson, Lucas Denton, Samuel Evans, Bradyn Ghram, Aaron Hustad, Liam Lampson, Cierra McBridge, Brody McCoy, Alysa Moody, Austin Potter, Conner Riley, Sarah Robertson, Kayden Swaggert, Abgail Waldschmidt and Cooper Webb.

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