The Community Health Center in Cowley, from its inception, has been led by a governing board comprised of passionate, intelligent people highly dedicated to our community.

Their service as original steering committee members was instrumental in the early creation and development of Cowley’s first federally qualified health center. Each member below then continued to provide valuable insight and oversight as a member of the governing board.

In 2021 as their terms came to an end, three of our inaugural board members and friends moved off our board of directors. 

Curtis Freeland’s served from 2012-2020. During his term, Freeland served as board secretary and always provided excellent “business-sense” insight. Freeland is a former city manager of Arkansas City.

Sharon Taylor’s service developed from 2010-2020. She chaired the board’s quality assurance committee and as board vice-chairperson. A former professor of nursing at Southwestern College, Taylor provided insight into community health practice was valuable in developing and maintaining high standards of quality health care.

Lastly, but not least, Judith Zaccaria’s served from 2014-2021. During her term, Zaccaria also chaired the board’s quality assurance committee. Her insight into diverse patient perspectives, as they utilize our health services, was also valuable. 

She contributed towards continuing a consumer-friendly operation and ensuring that our care met patient needs. Management staff also note the great benefit of having an editor’s attention to detail. (Zaccaria is Winfield News Manager at the CourierTraveler).

The health center greatly benefited from Freeland, Taylor and Zaccaria’s service. We thank them for their extensive time, extraordinary dedication and, indeed, their heart.

The nonprofit health center was established in 2015 at the Westside Clinic in Winfield with a mission to provide comprehensive, integrated and holistic medical, dental and mental health care that is affordable and patient-centered for everyone in Cowley County.

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