Arkansas City commissioners are planning to complete one more study of the Paris Park pool before determining whether to replace or rebuild it.

The commission voted unanimously on Monday to accept a proposal from Kuhn Mechanical to complete a mechanical evaluation of the pool for an amount not to exceed $10,000.

City Manager Randy Frazer said the proposal includes using cameras to go inside the waterlines underneath the pool to evaluate their condition and make recommendations. An evaluation of the pool last year didn’t examine the condition of any of the underground systems.

“It took more of a look at the ADA, the safety issues and the more structural issues such as the buildings,” Frazer said.

That evaluation was preformed by the Lamp Rynearson Company at a cost of $9,100. Other problems discovered during that evaluation include inadequate filtration, and a dive well that is too shallow.

The pool, which was built in 1920, also has a major water leak. Public Services Superintendent Tony Tapia reported that the pool was losing about 1.7 million gallons each year.

Newly appointed Mayor Kanyon Gingher said the evaluation would also include a sonar examination of the pool floor to determine if any voids exist.

“I think the biggest thing is that we don’t know what’s under it, we don’t know what is going to happen when we dig into it,” Gingher said. “This will give us an idea of the pipes, the pumps, the bottom of the pool — it will give us an idea of everything.”

Commissioner Jay Warren said he has visited with a lot of people who want the city to keep the current pool, rather than build a new one. He said that since it is unknown what is underneath, this examination could help to determine whether the current pool is fixable.

“At least we did everything possible trying to save this pool if that’s what is going to happen down the road,” Warren said. “It gives us some idea of what is going on, so I think it is money well spent.”

Vice-mayor Dianna Spielman said that she had visited with Mel Kuhn, owner of Kuhn Mechanical, a local business, about the condition of the pool.

“He basically said that as long as the pool will hold water, he is pretty sure they can fix it,” she said. “So until we know what’s under there, we don’t know what needs to be fixed.”

Commissioner Scott Rodgers said that whatever the study finds, the city needs to start moving forward. He said it seems that the city is constantly doing study after study, but never takes any action.

“We’re just using tax money to do a study and not actually resolving the issues, if there are any issues,” he said. “After we do a study, I hope we are willing as a commission, as a city, to figure out a way to solve these problems.”

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