The City-Cowley County Health Department was forced to cease COVID testing in order to revise the testing policy and the testing schedule. Due to a shortage of COVID testing supplies and an increase in demand, department has been forced to scale back its testing operations.

The health department will now be limited to performing 48 COVID tests per day. These tests will be by appointment only and on a first-come first-serve basis. Test results will no longer be returned on the same day. Members of the public may have to wait several days before receiving test results. Testing will be done in the drive- through lane behind the Winfield health department office. Testing will begin at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday.

In order to get a testing appointment, members of the public will need to call the department to schedule. Once an appointment has been set, the person needing a test will be given a confirmation number.

Upon arrival on the appointment date, those needing testing are instructed to remain in their vehicles and pull behind any drivers who may already be present. A department staff member will distribute clipboards with paperwork to fill out to drivers at the front of the queue. Once approached by a health department staff member, those needing testing will provide the confirmation number given to them.

Once the paperwork is completed and the person needing testing has pulled to the front of the queue, a health department employee will collect the finished paperwork and a test will be administered shortly thereafter.

Once the testing is finished, they may leave, and the results of the test will be sent to them once available.

If the person needing testing must cancel their appointment, please contact the health department so it can fill out the empty appointment slot.

We regret that we have to curtail our testing operations, especially in the midst of a new variant spreading throughout the community.

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