This day in Traveler History

100 years ago

• J.M. Wolford, formerly of the Fifth Avenue theatre, who recently sold the theatre and went to Iola to look after his oil interests there, returned last evening to straighten up some business matters in this city. He says he got into a lot of unexpected trouble after leaving here, but got over to his Iola property just in time to avoid still more trouble. According to his report, some of his best men were conducting an illicit whiskey business on one of his leases, using the lease residence house to hide a still. … (W)hen he got wind of what his men were doing he immediately went to them and notified them to move the still off his premises or he would notify the officers. The still was moved away that night just in time to avoid a raid by the officers. However, the still was raided after it was moved, the officers getting 75 gallons of mash and four gallons of whiskey. … (Wolford) got his two best men paroled out (of jail)  after thirty days … (They) put up a plea to him that they would not go through such an experience again …

• The Mid-continent Legion of the order of Moose held their annual banquet and frolic at Moose hall in this city last night. Delegates were here from Dodge City, Ponca City, Winfield, Newkirk, Geuda Springs and Blackwell.

• Dohrer’s annual shoe sale announced yesterday brought a big crowd to this popular shoe store for the opening at 9 o’clock this morning and the store has been thronged all day long with shoppers …

50 years ago

• Cowley County, under a new reapportionment plan submitted to the Kansas Senate by the reapportionment committee in Topeka today, would be in District 20 and would include all of Cowley and all but the western tier of townships in Sumner County. The Senate plan includes multi-member districts, a feature Gov. Robert Docking has said he opposes.

25 years ago

• Old man winter still has his grip on Arkansas City … According to … (the) weather and technology lab at the middle school, the low over the weekend was 3 degrees and the high was 24.

A Look Back in the Courier

30 years ago

• Commissioner Bob Ireton was named chairman of the county commission during the county’s annual reorganization.

• Mike Ciskowski became the new postmaster in Udall. Udall students will participate in “Jump Rope for Heart” this week to raise funds for the American Heart Association.

• The Southwestern College men defeated St. Mary of the Plains 87-81 and won their third KCAC game in a row. The Builder women are hurt by turnovers in a 87-63 loss to St. Mary’s.

10 years ago

• Beginning January 22, it will cost just a penny more to mail a letter to any location in the United States. It will be the first price change for first-class mail (Forever) stamps in more than 2 1/2 years. Prices will also change for other mailing services, including periodicals, package services and extra services.

• The Winfield High School junior prom committee will serve supper during the basketball games Friday night. Chili, a cinnamon roll and a drink will cost $5, with serving beginning at 5 p.m.

• The Winfield Recreation Commission met for their monthly meeting and the December participation report showed 1,082 members to the fitness center, with 3,620 workouts recorded. There were 782 individuals enrolled in other activities. Activities offered during the winter include dance classes for youth, belly dancing classes for adults, aerobic and spin cycle, plus aquatic classes.

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