Cowley House of Hope announces plans for interim shelter for the homeless of Cowley County for the period Nov. 1 through April 30.

Cowley House of Hope is partnering with local agencies and law enforcement for both Arkansas City and Winfield to provide shelter to those in need on a night-to-night basis. Vouchers for local hotels will be funded by the House of Hope and issued through the local ministerial alliance. Guidelines have been established for those who will receive vouchers, and strict adherence to those guidelines will be enforced.

It was previously reported a more permanent shelter would be completed for this winter. Due to many unforeseen circumstances, Cowley House of Hope will continue efforts to provide a more permanent solution in the future. Until then, the hotel voucher system is an immediate solution to provide safety and shelter to the homeless this winter.

“This has been an unusual year; however, we remain committed to the needs of the homeless and will strive to serve them as best we can,” current chair of House of Hope Sarah Beardslee said. “We believe these temporary measures will allow us sufficient time to develop a more complete longterm plan.”

To support the cause, Cowley House of Hope is conducting a virtual raffle via our Facebook page for two cornhole board sets featuring the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Champions. These boards will be crafted by local woodworkers as well. 

All proceeds from this raffle will go toward the building of the future Cowley House of Hope location.

During this giving season, put your name in the pot to win a gift for a loved one and yourself. Tickets will be purchased through PayPal only as we navigate through this time of COVID-19. 

The drawing will be coordinated on Dec. 15. Visit the Cowley House of Hope Facebook page to purchase your tickets and get a chance to let your bags fly this spring. Cowley House of Hope is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization committed to the short- and long-term needs of all individuals in need of housing in our community. For more information, email

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