The first week of June has seen marked increases in outdoor temperatures and humidity levels an indication the Summer is upon us. As we transition into the long sunny days ahead be mindful of the health dangers that lurk outdoors, sometimes right in our own backyards.

The cool rainy weather has left in its wake lush vegetation and numerous little critters (vectors) like ticks and mosquitos, that carry and spread diseases. Please be careful when outdoors especially in native grass or brushy areas and protect yourselves from biting insects. Cowley County has traditionally had several cases of Lyme Disease reported each year, I don’t want your summer ruined over bug bites. Protective clothing and proper use of insect repellants are effective solutions to these threats. 

As the temperatures creep higher and higher I hope that you can avoid the physical stress that accompanies exposure to the sun and heat. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are serious conditions that sneak up on even the healthiest of people who are out working or playing in the heat. Stay well hydrated, limit ultra-violet (UV)exposure to unprotected skin, if possible, limit your time outdoors during which you physically exert yourselves. Take frequent breaks to ensure that you don’t overdo, but if you do seek medical help as quickly as possible. I don’t want fun in the sun to turn out very poorly for anyone’s health. 

Finally – be very careful of children and pets in the heat outdoors. Don’t leave the kids or dog in a car even for a few minutes. Interiors of vehicles become dangerously hot in just a matter of minutes and each year we hear about the tragedies of children and pets dying in hot cars having been forgotten or ignored. Don’t let that happen in Cowley County. 


75th anniversary

In June 1946, the leadership of Cowley County, Arkansas City, and Winfield came together and crafted a joint resolution that resulted in the formation of the City-Cowley County Health Department. For 75 years our organization has been devoted the improving the health of everyone in the county. 

We thank everyone for supporting the work that we do, and we promise to continue to do our very best to help you stay healthy so that you may enjoy an ever-improving quality of life in Cowley County. 

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