Winfield Police

Friday, Oct. 15

• Driving while suspended, no proof of insurance and a warrant, 1800 block of Mound Street. Layne Castle, of Winfield, was arrested.

• Motor vehicle versus bicyclist injury accident, intersection of 11th Avenue and Loomis Street. Floyd Gray, of Wichita, was involved.

• Non-injury motor vehicle accident, 600 block of East 12th Avenue. Matthew Regier, of Winfield, and Mark Ruark, of Chanute, were involved.

• Non-injury motor vehicle accident, intersection of Ninth Avenue and Platter Street. Ashley Duncan, of Arkansas City, was involved when she struck a dog.

Saturday, Oct. 16

• Driving while revoked, 2100 block of East Ninth Avenue. Jerry Qualls II, of Winfield, was arrested.

Sunday, Oct. 17

• Three warrants, 400 block of East Seventh Avenue. Angela Chaisson, of Winfield, was arrested.

• Hit and run motor vehicle accident, 900 block of Fuller Street. Rebecca Reid, of Winfield, was the victim.

• Theft, 2200 block of Pike Road. Robert Fleitz, of Winfield, was the victim.

Cowley County Sheriff

Friday, Oct. 15

• Vehicle check, 24000 block of U.S. 77.

• Warrant arrest, 118 W. Central.

• Deputy dispatched to call a person about an animal complaint, 13000 block of 109th Drive.

• Welfare check, 8000 block of 302nd Road.

• Motorist assist, 24000 block of U.S. 77.

• Car vs. deer accident, 6000 block of 211th Road.

• Suspicious activity, 300 block of Williams.

• Reckless driver, 12000 block of 21st Road.

• Harassment complaint, 600 block of Spruce, Atlanta.

Saturday, Oct. 16

• Deputies responded to Casey’s in Winfield to assist Winfield police with a call about shots fired.

• A deputy assisted Winfield police with looking for an elderly woman who had walked away from her home in Winfield.

• Cattle out, 6000 block of 252nd Road.

• Pedestrian check, 3000 block of U.S. 166.

• Car vs. deer accident, 23000 block of U.S. 166.

• Cows out, 16000 block of U.S. 160.

• Driving complaint, 1000 block of U.S. 166.

Sunday, Oct. 17

• Suspicious activity, 29000 block of U.S. 160.

• Car vs. deer accident, 2000 block of U.S. 160.

• Horse out, 12000 block of U.S. 160.

• Car vs. deer accident, 13000 block of 304th Road.

• Burglary report, 16000 block of 72nd Road.

• Civil issue, 31000 block of 55th Lane.

• Injury accident, 1000 block of U.S. 166.

• Horses out, 2000 block of 62nd Road.

• Cow out, 25000 block of 162nd Road.

• Driving complaint, 12000 block of U.S. 166.

• A deputy assisted the Kansas Highway Patrol with a traffic stop on U.S. 81 in Sumner County.

• Car vs. deer accident, 27000 block of U.S. 77.

• A deputy assisted Arkansas City police with a burglary call, 400 block of Second Street.

• Deer in the roadway, 19000 block of K-15.

• Car vs. deer accident, 30000 block of U.S. 160.

Monday, Oct. 18

• Burglar alarm, 11000 block of 282nd Road.

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