The monthly meeting of the Udall 4-H Club was Jan. 6 via Zoom.

President Andrew Preston called the meeting to order. Liam Dreiling led the Pledge of Allegiance and Haile Wilson led the 4-H Pledge. Secretary Liam Dreiling read last month's minutes.

Parliamentarian Morgan Clark talked about the proper hand motions when saying the pledge and that the pledge was written in 1927 by Kansan Otis Hall while at Kansas State College of Agriculture.

Angel tree committee member Miranda Clark said items were purchased and delivered to the Udall City Building for two children in the community this past Christmas. Barn quilt committee member Andrew Preston reported that supplies were purchased to reconstruct the barn quilt on the south edge of Udall.

Community leader Laura Jelinek showed members how to navigate the county 4-H website as well as Flip Grid, where their project talks can be recorded for judging for club county days competitions.

In old business, Rachel Jirak reported that the club had achieved 14 of the 37 goals for the Club Seal Award so far this year.

The education for this month included a demonstration by Lee Preston on how to make ranch crackers with oyster crackers, oil and dry ranch dressing. Landry Robinson gave some safety tips on working around cattle.

Landry Robinson then led recreation with a 4-H scavenger hunt.

Guest Becky Henderson from the Burden 4-H Club was present for the meeting to evaluate the meeting procedure. She gave compliments on members speaking clearly over Zoom and addressing the president before speaking as well as suggestions for improvement.

The next meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 3 via Zoom.

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