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What do you do, if anything, to question your own beliefs, assumptions and ideologies? I ask this question because it seems like our society is so dug in right now with our tribal affiliations that we might benefit from some inward critique.

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We are told well over 500,000 people have died from COVID-19 in United States, nearly 5,000 in Kansas, and more than 100 in Cowley County. (Nearly 2.7 million worldwide!) Yet there is not much public mourning or acknowledgement of these individuals, most of whom are older and die without the…

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I try not to be judgmental of others, but judging, labeling and measuring others and myself often creeps into my thinking. The legal system and our culture in general seems to “judge” and categorize people and groups all the time. Why shouldn’t individuals? Furthermore, can you really observ…

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