Unbelievable! After so many of our citizens have suffered painful losses of jobs and their very livelihoods, our city fathers are still planning to forge ahead with a $4 million new "safety center.” It would seem wise that, in the light of the present difficult and unknown circumstances, such an expensive project would be cancelled, or at the very least delayed, until the economy has a chance to recover.  

If you saw the drawing in the May 7 Courier, you may wonder how can we possibly afford such a grand new building. Of course, the architectural firm and contractors will not want to give up their nice fees. Wonder why our population continues to shrink? Winfield continues to be a place of such high taxes that many who would like to live or locate their business here cannot afford to do so.

There is much unused space in both the courthouse and in the annex. Why in the world can't our city rent from the county some of this empty space for the police department. Other cities such as Wichita have consolidated city and county facilities at considerable savings to the taxpayers.


Grayce Abel


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Ignore this editorial! It is penny-wise, pound foolish.

I attended a meeting with city officials a year ago, and this construction is a long-term facility for our First Responders. Any more delay means higher long-term cost to maintain outdated facilities, including having to buy custom fire trucks to fit a fire station built for horse-drawn carriages.

Todd Peters

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