I write in response to the remarks of Rep. Cheryl Helmer quoted in the CT of Friday, May 15 regarding reopening businesses in the State of Kansas.

Blaming the governor for making policy that protects the health and well-being of Kansans is like a petulant child blaming their parents for not allowing them to play on the freeway. In fact, I believe that the governor actually has “worked with legislative leaders to allow peace, harmony and comfort” (Rep. Helmer’s words) to the greatest extent of her abilities. Unfortunately, some state leaders have politicized this situation to the point that anything she does is labeled as tyrannical, when in actuality her primary motivation is the safety of the majority of Kansans.

The wisest thing we can all do at this time of unknowns is to reopen cautiously and carefully, taking into account the knowledge that we still don’t have adequate testing, treatment, Personal Protective Equipment for health care workers, contact tracing nor a viable preventive vaccine.

I am comforted by knowing that our governor is taking this Pandemic seriously and is trying to balance the economic needs of citizens with the health concerns of those same citizens. I know the hardships of small business owners, as I am one myself.

I categorically disagree with Rep. Helmer’s statement that “this woman will go down as the most hated governor of Kansas...” In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. She has persevered in her dedication to protect the people of Kansas in the face of very loud and baseless opposition. She is to be commended for showing leadership and integrity in a particularly difficult time.


Kathleen Mason


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