There isn’t anything more meaningful than love.

It can rescue a relationship from spiraling out of control.

It can stop wars and discrimination if only angry individuals would give up fighting against each other and use reasoning to respect people of all nationalities.

It can ease a person’s loneliness for companionship.

Where love is concerned, most of us have to figure out how to obtain it, then share it. A song suggests “Love is All Around,” but because many of us can’t or don’t see it, we lose hope that it may not exist.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if Valentine’s Day could be celebrated every day? Now some people might view it as only another calendar day. 

This isn’t true for those who keep love and kindness in their hearts, which is most endearing on Valentine’s Day. Feb. 14 has been alive and well since the 12th century and possibly even earlier than that.

The oldest-known valentine involves tales of royal disputes, warfare and imprisonment. While imprisoned in a medieval tower, Charles, the Duke of Orleans, sent his wife a love poem in 1415. Only 21 at the time, he had written very few lines. His love was stronger than the punishment he faced.

Some people also believe that with the introduction of Christianity, the holiday moved to Feb. 14, in honor of several martyrs named Valentine. However, others contend that Valentine’s Day was placed in the middle of February in order to Christianize the pagan festival of Lupercalia, dedicated to the Roman god of agriculture.

It’s interesting to know that women sent men valentines in these early days. Some were not very politely-written. One woman definitely made her point quite clear. In 1477, Margery Brews sent cards to her fickle fiancé. It seemed that for a while jealousy ruled Brews’ heart, or she had been so enraged by hate that she was blind to love.

Valentine’s Day has flourished throughout the years. After researching, I discovered that today, approximately one billion valentines are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second most popular greeting card-giving occasion, after Christmas.

Numerous songs, movies and books of poetry have been preserved as a tribute to love.

In the 1940 film, “It’s a Date,” the angelic and radiant Deanna Durbin sings “Love is All:”

“Love is all, love is all

On this earth to unfurl 

For each boy and each girl

Love is all....

Winter comes with its song and its cares of the day

Then the spring brings the sun just to melt them away.

Love is all....”

And if you are old enough to remember sweethearts Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy act and sing in superb harmony in the films of the 1930s-1940s, you won’t forget such tender displays of love on albums set to movie titles such as “Smiling Through” and “When I’m Calling You.” 

Yes, it would be easy to tease or mock this couple today. How many times have TV’s TCM viewers just crackled at the sight and combined voices of this attractive screen couple pouring out their messages of love in “When I’m Calling You.”

We can laugh, but never laugh at love.

Some people are very fond of Valentine’s Day. Maj. Bill White, 104, from Stockton, Calif., who served in World War II, has received more than 25,000 valentines and gifts from people all over the globe. He said he was grateful to the many individuals that honor him on the forth-coming Valentine’s Day, adding, “I never expected the number of cards I have received so far.”

Flowers and candy are nice for valentine gift-giving, but why not think about some of the more unusual or clever valentine gifts?

On, those who garden might like Godzilla consuming a bunch of garden gnomes. Maybe a mug that says, “A yawn is a silent scream for coffee,” will suit someone’s fancy. Or, your favorite girl might be enchanted with a toaster purse. No kidding. This purse actually looks like a toaster with a pop tart in the slot. 

If your sweetie pie loves dogs, why not give him or her “Milo,” the Corgi humidifier. It’s so adorable, even though it doesn’t bark or wag its tail. And if someone is into a little trick-playing, consider a bag of flicker fluid for the car. Fool your gullible wife, husband or friends with this spoof or gag.

Whatever you do on Valentine’s Day for others, make the occasion memorable. You don’t have to buy expensive things to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Love is the best gift of all.

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